Malcador Heavy Tanks are Gen 1 Baneblades. . and under 8th ed. rules, it’s become a lot more useful and a real threat to my opponent. I pciked up a malcador for my GC after FW released that image of the various The issue I’m having is which rule set do I use for this tank. So with that said, I have decided to purchase a Malcador tank over . As one who has never seen a Malcador in action nor read the rules for it.

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I do not own a Malcador Battle Tank, but I expect it plays very similarly to the Leman Russ, seeing how the loadout is pretty much identical, with the added benefit of being nearly indestructible. The vehicle ttank also armed with malcadkr sponson-mounted weapons, one on each side. I’m interested in getting a couple of Malcadors for my IG and for much the same reason as you! So do units in general no longer need LOSthen?

All of these I calculated on Battlescribe.

Purchasing and Arming a Malcador – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

Views Read Edit View history. Aim for the throat and kick it while it’s down.

Is flame weaponry a better deal for Guard armies than other armies? As one who has never seen a Malcador in action nor read the rules for it, how does it perform?

Burn them with holy promethieum! Do you know if that applies to the Defender’s Heavy Bolters turret? Thus I come to ya’ll hat in hand to ask for advice on which Malcador to purchase and how to arm said Malcador, in addition to any experience either playing against one or fielding malcadog in your own army that you might have. In 8th edition the situation is very different. I guess it has sponsons now? Some of the Legions also took it into service to support their Fellblades and Typhons.


As a result, they are rarely deployed amongst the Imperial Guard’s armored regiments.

Malcador Heavy Tank

During the 41st Millennium the Minotaur hank a rare relic of war that very few will ever see, with the number of Forge Worlds capable of producing them having dropped steadily over the last millennia. I feel that if you want an Annihilator, you should stick to the Leman Russ chassis. Focusing on the popular Forgeworld Horus Heresy game.

Additionally, the Malcador Annihilator also suffers the same fate as almost every other Malcador variant. But both options seem to do well against baseline infantry and can perform well above or below my averages depending on the whims of the dice gods. The Defender’s malfador to put out 21 Heavy Bolter shots in addition to sporting a Demolisher cannon is incredible, but when I saw that the Annihilator variant could field twin lascannons and autocannon sponsons I also drooled a little bit.

Both have some great benefits and some weaknesses tsnk are more than capable of spearheading infantry assaults while also providing some monster overwatch benefits. Two Artema Pattern Hellhounds would cost pnts, and all you’re losing is 1 rhles. So I will be interested in the feedback from this thread. The Malcador is now actually somewhat good! These tanks were used to horrifying effect to defend breaches in the heretical lines during the Siege of Vraks.

But is there any reason to take it over HWTs, Russes or artillery? I’m still planning to get one eventually, it just looks too cool not to! While the Defender was a Lord of War and able to split fire, that also meant it occupied that slot in the organisation chart.

Some Forge Worlds still produce a few tanks and spare parts. In contrast he fielded a Leman Russ Punisher with heavy bolters and that monster absolutely ate through everything I sent at it. For anti-armor, they rulds the hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon. Recognizing that the mostly-fixed-forward turret was a problem, the Adeptus Mechanicus thought mzlcador the Malcador Defender.


Malcador Heavy Tank – 1d4chan

Or will it suffer a -1 to hit when moving because it is a heavy weapon? Company Master Holden likes this. This is now even stupider with the release of the Carnodonwhich is from the same era as the Malcador and basically it’s Medium Tank equivalent, yet manages to have both these. Join us by malcqdor out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: This reduces its performance and provides very poor fuel efficiency.

Maldador Valdor tank mounts a Neutron Laser that somehow causes an electromagnetic pulse mzlcador tanks it shoots in addition to putting a big hole in thembut also risks getting damaged by the feedback if it misses.

Purchasing and Arming a Malcador

Someone managed to fix the Malcador by kit-bashing it with a Russ. M’Khand Secundus still produces Malcadors in large numbers, but this is a rare exception. I’m not sure if this helps or adds anything to the discussion, but I figured that I would post it since there seems to be others interested in the Malcador variants!

Malcaodr supreme luck you can even pen a Land Raider.

Welcome to The Bolter and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all of our features. All of those bolters can shoot in whatever direction – including through the tank?

Astra Militarum and friends.