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It is a famous novel in Bengali language. You dismissed this ad. Chander Pahaar and Chokher Bali are amazing books. I am trying to include works from different genres, and keep the list short if at all loya.

It is a love triangle based story. This novel is maiden of it’s kind with an exclusive story line. What is the best thriller novel of all time?

Still have a question? Biswasghatok by Narayan Sanyal An epic romantic-historical-thriller by the Maestro. Kundu Special, the original Bengali conducted tour organiser, holds a special place in the Bangali heart. If you are really serious about digging more into Bengali literature, here are few you should not miss out:. It is a story of the people, the states and their struggle.

This is about the painful and dark time when Bengal was divided in two parts, West Bengal and Bangladesh. First I would like to thank you for choosing books as a gift.


Eighty-four exceptional short stories, compiled okmbol three volumes, Galpaguchchha is considered to contain some of the finest works by Rabindranath Tagore. What are the best humorous novel of all time?

At Kundu, each tourist group is still accompanied by two tour experts, two cooks and four service boys, all of who are Bangali and 99 per cent of the tourists remain Bengali, too. Related Questions What are some good books about the history of Detroit? What are good books on the mombol history of Guangzhou?

What are some good books on African history? One of the cult written by the beloved author Suneel Gangopadhyay.

Lota Kombol 1

What are some good comic novels? It was written by Syed Waliullah. What is narrated next is all about his adventures in the foreign continent. There are so many hotels and restaurants there that serve Bengalis that we really need not be there. Answered May 22, What are some good, comprehensive books on world history?

Lota Kombol [Part-1] by Sanjib Chattopadhyay – Bangla E-books Free Download

How can I get Bangla books? It will amaze you to the core. What are some good history books to read? But I can tell you will definitely enjoy them irrespective to your age. This classic novel centers around a brave hunter Zura, belonging to an unknown lonely village, Minarkhar of Pamir Valley. Byomkesh Samagra, Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. Answered May 30, And still Bengali single women threaten to run off with Kundu Special, though they have more options now.


He has an extraordinary reputation in Child-literature. Then there were day trips. What are some good books about modern history?

What are the books of art and cultural history of Indian? A love-story expressed in carefully crafted dialogues, poetry-s, and a not-very-traditional ending. A complete classic of self sacrifice and love for family, highlighting the ups and downs of a middle class family. Goodreads list of Bangla books: Except the above you should definitely try Shirshendu Mukherjee’s ‘chakra”manobjomin’ which are two very famous novels. Ask New Question Sign In.

I guarantee you that you have never read something like this. If a tourist needed Horlicks and chicken stew because he was feeling under the weather, Kundu would serve just that and only for him, insists Soumitra Kundu, from the family that runs the business.

Duranta Eagle is a precious possession of Bengali literature and has achieved the Vidyasagar Award in What are some great books on Thai history and culture? In my mind, the lead character of this novel was none, it was time itself.