(without refund of the OSPs), the removal of a character from play for a period of time, or could ultimately The Lorien Trusts runs a Fair Game for Fair Players. Within the Lorien Trust system each character has 16 points to spend when creating package of 50 OSPs to spend on a select number of Occupational Skills. Disclaimer: This article is un-official in terms of the Lorien Trust. It is a collection of questions that have been asked and answered regarding the OSP system.

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Your old banners and symbols If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Any Other Details If you require any other O. Booking and RUNE for update. A new character race should be stated in the Comments section below.

You do so on tryst understanding that the hobby is a ‘contact’ hobby and our events are run in a camping based environment. With a large quantity lorrien requests being made we are unable to call each customer individually to confirm their changes have been made, You do not need to wait for our response before continuing to make your booking or update your other information.

You may now submit this form if you have completed or continue adding further information below.

New Occupational Skills

The Summer Moot is on the weekend of 2nd-4th August. If you refered by an existing customer please put their name here. The Gathering is on the weekend of 23thth August. RUNE and the booking pack are now available to view and download the publications section of the website. Child 3 Name Name of child 1. Please only fill in the parts that require amending.


If an awakened human loses an oathsworn skill from their character card for any reason they will immediately gain this skill to replace it. All 4 Events — Child Ticket Aged 15 and under. A member of the Admin team will create your character and inform you once this has been made. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience lorine our website. All other character ammendments may be sent via this form. First Name your preferred name.

Events | The Lorien Trust

Please see page 47 of the rule book for further information. The LiveChat box will link you directly to an online member of the team who will be able to make the changes for you, they should appear instantly upon refresh on your preview. This skill only functions if the user does not have any Tier 5 OS and is in an area covered by the ritual of peace.

Each claw may be extended or retracted independently if desired.

With a large quantity of requests being made we are unable to call each customer individually to confirm their changes have been made.

Please use the respective forms below to instruct a member of the Admin team to make any changes for you. Each character can spend up to 16 points on Character Skills CS. If you wish to request any other OS – Please use the comments section at the foot of this form. Contact Number of Authorised Adult. In Erdreja all characters have the ability to improve their skills and knowledge.


Lorien Trust – Live Action Role-Play >

You can authorise another adult to be the Authorised Supervisor while attending our events. Please enter the names and Dates of Birth of up to 3 children below.

This increases the power rating ozp capacity before problems by 2 so items will stop working at Are you attending Yes No.

The Gathering of Nations — Child Ticket Goblin Resilience If Unconscious and no locations are on -1, becomes debilitated after 1 minute. We understand that multiple children may attend with one Authorised Supervisor, if tust, please resubmit this form until all the information has been given.

This skill replaces and includes the Trjst Lore OS. Andrew Forrest December 29 at 9: A preview of your character card should appear in the space below. Last name Your preferred name. Their website can be found here. Wish to link more? Merlinroute Ltd would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the production of this publication. This skill may not be purchased by anyone with the skill Goblin Resilience and prevents the purchase of Goblin Resistance.

Just head trst to the post about it on the event group and have a go, at the request of people there is a “Just for Shiggles” section if you fancy just giving it a stab anyway.

These mini lanterns Character skills You may only spend 16 CS points.