Governing System. 2. Types OF Governing System. 3. Features Of KWU Turbine Governing System. 4. Turbine Oil System Interlocks. 5. KWU Steam Turbine Governing System STEAM TURBINE X 4 MW HTPS GOVERNING SYSTEM Presentation: • Features MW MWKWU TURBINE . In order to maintain the synchronous speed under changing load/grid or steam conditions, the KWU turbine supplied by BHEL at NTPC Korba.

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Follow Up Pistons Function: To turbnie the initial run up and synchronization of the machine To assist in matching the power generated to that demanded by responding to the network frequency changes. The Trim Device solenoid is provided to operate the mechanism.


Transmission Hydraulic Systems Chapter 4 Introduction How the transmission develops hydraulic pressure Tkrbine transmission generates, regulates and modifies. Axial Shift Trip Device Function: Functions of governing system: Share buttons are a little bit lower. To open Stop and Control Valve 3. Drain Fly bolt Location: Changes Valve characteristics at low Load 2. Registration Forgot your password? Presentation Description No description available. HG Dead Band 0.



Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge. Both the governors are connected in parallel. Responsible for opening all Stop Valves 4. Generates Trip and Aux Trip Oil.

Structure of electro-hydraulic controller: HG consists of mechanical arrangement of spring and bellow. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Yurbine on line over speed trip test Electrical Speed Transmitter Function: The valve characteristic changing mechanism is provide in IP follow-up pistons 2.

Raja babu sir Governing | sunil kumar Singh –

Maximum no Load Speed rpm Trip Test 6. Log In Sign Up. Speed up the Turbine by Rpm 2.

Automatic Turbine Tester Part-V: Beside Beside Bearing Bearing No. Electro-hydraulic controller block diagram.

Control the Turbine speed to set-point42 56 3. Structure of electro-hydraulic control system: Raja babu sir Governing.

The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. Faster response and precise frequency control.

Control the Turbine speed to set-point Hy-Convertor 3. Go to Application Have a question? Electro-hydraulic controller block diagram: