Three Short Stories by Kristina Sabaliauskait? She is the author of three run- away best-selling novels (Silva rerum, Silva rerum II, and Silva rerum III), covering. Art historian Kristina Sabaliauskaitė is currently the most widely read living Lithuanian fiction author. Her tetralogy of historical novels, Silva Rerum (–16 ). Occupation Novelist art historian. Genre Historical, Nationality Lithuanian Notable works Silva rerum. Kristina Sabaliauskaitė Kristina Sabaliauskait Vikipedija.

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Joanna Szwedowska, Radio 2 literary critic.


Behind the storytelling there is the intertextual level – author gives hints to certain events, recognisable characters and thus the story evolves as something altogether different. It will arouse your imagination and will give you an aesthetic pleasure through the magnificent language of, in fact, a very complex novel. But first and foremost it is the exquisitely told, realistic and captivating human stories’ [7]emphasizing even greater mastery of the storytelling and the use of language: It is now obvious that the author is one of the leaders, perhaps even one of the chief strategists of contemporary Lithuanian prose.

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is almost absent from the contemporary Polish fiction.

In she debuted with a historical novel ‘Silva Rerum’ published by Baltos Lankos Publishers about the life of a noble Narwoysz family inthe period after The Deluge.

Kristina sabaliauskait ci g dalszy rozmowy xi garni. Nowadays a rare author uses such colourful, artistic and noble language’ [8]. Vilnius, which is known to the world as the death saabliauskait of a famous french actress, as the execution place of thousands of Jews, as the place where such a talent as Daniel Crowbar has no chance to be born.

I must confess, I opened this book with anxiety.

If you have concerns about how we have used your personal information, you also have the right to complain to a privacy regulator. Surprisingly, it seems that Lithuanian authors can offer books on the level of the best foreign fiction rerkm appears in our market” and “Silva rerum” is undoubtedly one of them”.

And Adam Mickiewicz would applaud. The Great Northern War, the Great Plague, the Great Famine, the lavish luxury and the deadly hunger, the Swedish and Russian soldiers, the Jewish doctors, the Dutch cardsharps, the Turkish concubines, the French ladies-in-waiting, the stubborn Samogitians and the ironic Vilniusites; the anonymous monk, who has buried more than twenty thousand plague victims and, of course, the next generation of the Narwoysz family.


If they only knew about this book, Dan Brown and John Irwing would be terribly jealous.

slva The critics noted that the sequel is even more impressive than the debut novel, noting that ‘here we encounter the literature which transgresses the conventional boundaries and speaks about the essential, fundamental cultural experiences’ [6]’Sabaliauskaite has created a refined historical novel in a form that encapsulates the epoch.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. But after reading the final, fourth part, I dare say: Retrieved from ” https: For almost a decade she worked as a foreign correspondent in London and together with that experience she also brings a profound academic knowledge and a refined, rich, innovative literary language.

And not because of certain glamour, though you obviously disagree with its rules because they feed antifeminist culture which hurts self-respect of many women, including myself Novelistart historian. LitBritish Last week we met up with the four brilliant writers shortlisted for the thesundaytimes YoungWriterYear award… https: Born in Vilniusshe has been based in London since One-page-long billowing sentences, carved like marble monuments are justified by their meaning and content, they mobilise and captivate attention to everything that silv author desires to tell.

In it was officially listed among the 10 most memorable Lithuanian books of the past decade.

Our historical novel is in very safe and talented hands. She does not has to jump over the heads of others because she holds the greatest power of prose. A book,extraordinary in many ways. It is a tale of the decadent Rococo period, sometimes described sabqliauskait the “twilight before the Enlightement” and the unusual fates of historical characters transcend the limits of imagination.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I was not dissapointed. Will his common sense help when the events go out of control and the kristjna figures, fascinated by alchemy and Kabbalah seek to escape the reality and transgress the boundaries into the darkness of passions and the metaphysical obscurity? The comparison with Marguerite Yourcenar’s L’Oeuvre au noir is tempting, but this is the text of a different kind [ The language of this book is extraordinary “.

Almost years of the country’s history is told through the lives of four generations of a minor noble family, the Narwoyszes, simultaneously depicting the cultural and philosophical panorama of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and its international connections — some of the action takes place in England, France, the Netherlands, and Germany.


The personal attitudes of the characters reveal universal things The essence of this book is sabaliauskkait a poetry. Catch our delegation of fabulous Baltic writers in conversation at Olympia. Everything that the Baroque is, is in this book. Kristina Sabaliauskaite’s “Silva Rerum”, Bernardinai.

Kristina Sabaliauskaitė – Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia

And the impression leaves you with something of a fairy-tale, is enchanting and at the same time distressing, mysterious; it affects human emotions and impels you into reflections on life, death, beauty and ugliness, nobleness and the lowest desires. We will process your personal information based on your consent. The novel is based on true events and biographies; it is a tale of the familial heredity, Vilnius and Nieswiez, reality and subconsciousness, judaism and libertinism, architecture, theatre, the element of fire and the origins of the legend of Ger-Tzedek, the Righteous Proselyte silv Vilna.

A true literary sensation originating from Lithuania. A “memory puzzle”, it will reveal the fates of the previous Narwoysz generation, though some of them are such that the hand which is to write them down into a silva rerum – a family chronicle filled in by each passing generation – starts to tremble I long to drink, but the water of the source recedes further.

We will keep your information for a period of 7 years from the time of collection. She is the only one who tells our own history so convincingly and we grab it as the blind people the probbing cane, we devour it in huge bites and drink it in gulps of a thirsty traveller.

The London Book Fair: In November the final part of the tetralogy ‘Silva Rerum IV’ an account about the Enlightenment and the period of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth partitions has been published in Lithuania and went straight to number one on bestsellers’ lists with a first print run selling-out in 3 days. This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat It is for a reason she rrum compared to Marquez – due to the sensuality and magical atmosphere, and to Umberto Eco – due to erudition and the kdistina with conventions.