Welcome to Bullet Park, a township in which even the most buttoned-down gentry sometimes manage to terrify themselves simply by looking in the mirror. When in John Cheever turned from the lovable Wapshots to the weird creatures who inhabit Bullet Park, most reviewers attacked or. Jenne begins with Joyce’s Dubliners while I flip open a novel by John Cheever, Bullet Park. I had picked it up used a few months ago after being intrigued by.

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So Very Sixties A bizarre book full of absurdities and unfathomable details of travel and personal description. The word ‘stranger’ recurs throughout the story. I’ve said it before. How does he judge the work? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Bullet Park is a novel by American Novelist John Cheever about an earnest yet pensive father Eliot Nailles and his troubled son Tony, and their predestined fate with a psychotic man Hammer, who moves to Bullet Park to sacrifice one of them.

Aprk also worth mentioning that this book is tremendously preoccupied with homosexuality.

I mean, Jesus Christ. What a great surprise Bullet Park turned out to be.

And where Mad Men is always perfect in form and style, Cheever is like a bull set loose: I wonder if the author thought through the entire book before writing, though, since the last pages just barely necessitate the johh We bjllet experiencing technical difficulties. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Hermetic tropes include the ‘magic Negro’ faith-healer who lives over a funeral parlor in the cheevsr, two alchemists with different sorts of laboratories, a fairy tale bastard raised by a rich fairy grandmother, a sacrificial first-born cheeveg, the summoning of erotic spirits, a variety of impossible-to-please ‘White Goddess’ women A serious, hilarious, quirky, disjointed allegory about s upper-middle-class suburbs — a spiritual story about people who have lost their connection to spirituality.

Part 2, about Hammer’s itinerant life, is gripping in tone but nonsensical-bordering-on-bad-gonzo-journalism in style. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.


Refresh and try again. An upper middle class New York suburb is chosen by an apparent psychopath for the location of a senseless murder. It is immediately captivating. O cafard, essa coisa peluda e negra. Also in Vintage International. Aug 07, BlackOxford rated it it was ok Shelves: Books by John Cheever.

Bullet Park – Wikipedia

It would’ve made a great Alfred Hitchcock movie with Jimmy Stewart as Nailles and either Robert Mitchum or Cary Grant as Hammer in th Carried the paperback around with me for the three or four days I read it, sneaking reads in chairs here or cars there and lines everywhere – luxuriating in Cheever’s masterful, seemingly effortless and eternally enlightening delightful descriptions of lounge light, thanatonic thunder, scary suburbia, mad mothers, fucked-off fathers, and, as always, alcoholism.

Most importantly, it is rendered in disciplined but gorgeous prose, and the author seems to be writing with the freedom that comes from having no other goal than to satisfy yourself.

Well-dressed and middle-aged, with the exposed cottony chest hair of a cartoon porn producer, he informs us that he designs clothing — he is the president of some well-known company. Welcome to Bullet Park, paradise of the American middle class.

Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. View all 5 comments. I struggled at times to get my head around Cheever’s flitting between times and characters, but that was nothing compared with my struggle to understand what on earth point he was trying to make. Clearly I need someone to give me a skeleton key to Bullet Park. Locations – Rome, the Italian Alps, Switzerland, Cleveland – come and go without need or apparent purpose.

Bullet Park

Return to Book Page. So much was said about Cheever influencing Mad Men that, once the series was over, I decided to read something of his. Upstairs are the slanted-roof rooms where my parents and brother and I used to play card games bulelt into the night while the lady of the house slept downstairs.


Jul 01, David added it Shelves: The novel opens with an odd, lyrical, tense-shifting passage that fades into a typical past-tense third-person narrative. John Cheever was an American novelist and short story writer, sometimes called “the Chekhov of the suburbs” or “the Ovid of Ossining.

Bookslut | Reading Cheever in Bullet Park

Homocidal maniacs that make a big hit at cocktail parties will always exist and really, what else do we have to fill the history books of America? I am also tired of so many writers with sexual hangups.

The second half of the book belongs to Hammer, the newest resident of Bullet Park. Fortunately, though this point has been made multitudes of times since humans could hold pencils, he delivers in a twisted and interesting way with a commanding sense of language that helps you identify with the glimpses of these tortured moments.

That she permitted us the first half seems, in retrospect, to have been some ingenious form of punishment. I’ll read it again some time, now that I know what to expect.

Sep 08, Sandy rated it did not like it. What I’m saying as is the Rumpus reviewer is that perhaps that hunger for all that is easily digestible, page-turning, and lose-yourself-in-able in literature has dulled our craving for the pleasures of reading a book that is challenging and difficult — not ambitious works, necessarily, just works where a great writer is toiling away but not necessarily succeeding at his project. It has the tone of a summing-up and the tension of a vision.

Para tudo voltar a ser maravilhoso, maravilhoso, maravilhoso.