Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jim Marrs is a celebrated journalist and the author of Our Occulted History, The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy, The Rise of the. In this explosive new book, the legendary Jim Marrs, author of the underground bestseller Rule by Secrecy, reveals the frighteningly real possibility that today. The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies that Threaten to Take Over America. Jim Marrs, Author. Morrow $ (p) ISBN.

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Some commentators in various parts of Europe have used the term “Fourth Reich” to point at the influence that they believe Germany exerts within the European Union. He not only names names but names those governments that had a hand in bringing them to this country.

Marrs has an intriguing chapter on Otto Scorzeny and the lost Cathar treasure. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. This article is about the political concept.

The Rise of the Fourth Reich : The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America

Marrs highlights the various banking clans that funded and aided the Nazis both before the war and after the war. By using our website you agree to fouth use of cookies.

They brought with them miraculous weapons technology that helped win the space race. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. But they also brought their Nazi philosophy based on the authoritarian premise that the end justifies the means-including unprovoked wars of aggression and curtailment of individual liberties-which has since gained an iron hold in the “land of the free.

There are a lot of other musings about Marrs I have, but I won’t say them here because I am tired and the book isn’t that good and you should read Joseph Farrell instead. Again, leaving no one by the wayside, he brings a heated augument on the outrageous profits of the Drug Companies. Marrs gives names, dates and associations foourth make my skin crawl.


Therein, bynearly a thousand German scientists had been funneled into the United States and given vital positions within the American Scientific community. Well, primarily to America and Russia.

I think for the most part he is correct on what he reports. His central argument is that the Nazis never really lost power; they simply moved their basis of power to the U.

THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH by Jim Marrs | Kirkus Reviews

Ships from and sold by Amazon. As its often said, history is written by the winners, and an odd history it is that most people know very little about the Nazis except for what they have heard about from the mainstream media.

Jul 15, Cyanemi rated it really liked it Shelves: The best chapter in the books is called Wonder Weapons, which describes how advanced the Germans had developed their specialized fpurth. Marrs is a gifted and enjoyable speaker. They escaped to many parts of the world — parts reichh Europe outsid This book starts with the origins of the Nazi regime mrars Germany, and how this regime was funded by the Rockefeller oil cartel and the military marrw complex that runs the United States.

Dec 28, Isidore rated it liked it Shelves: It was the basis for the Well what can I say about this book. If one watches any film by any of these two greats one should; and is; left with many questions and longing for answers.

Calling this merely a great book would be an understatement. When top Nazis was approaching to the realisation that their country would lose the war, they fled the country and established new homes in various regions around the world such as United States and South America.


Based on pamphlets published kim David Myatt in the early s, [4] many neo-Nazis came to believe that the rise of the Fourth Reich in Germany would pave the way for the establishment of the Western Imperiumfourgh pan-Aryan world empire encompassing all land populated by predominantly European-descended peoples i.

And as for the Cold War space race? Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. It will also make sweeping claims backed with little or no credible evidence. However, all the information about the Nazis, Neonazis, the ones who used these monsters must be known by the public.

He was extremely racist, anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic, and wrote that people, politicians and royalty were narrs aliens. He reicu into the conspiracy of Hitler’s suicide and the massive import of Nazi doctors and scientists under Operation Paperclip.

Share your thoughts with other customers. I am open to correction on this one. Jim Marrs was an amazing researcher. When business doesn’t go their way, a war is staged through financial decisions. Marrs then shows how all this stuff is related to the enormously consolidated corporate media, the pharmaceutical complex, and the public “education” system in the United States, all of which are manipulated by the Rockefellers and the big oil companies.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Imagine a book contending that neither Hitler nor Bormann died at the end of the war. But as Marrs precisely explains, National Socialism never died, but rather its insidious philosophy is alive and active in modern America. A must read for a logical person!