Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Aux Éditions Robert Laffont, Jean Raspail a publié, entre autres, La Hache des steppes, Le Jeu du roi, Qui se souvient des. Editorial Reviews. Language Notes. Text: English (translation) Original Language: French The Camp of the Saints () – Kindle edition by Jean Raspail. THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS By Jean Raspail Originally published in French as Le Camp Des Saints, And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will.

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And the garage, like a kind of hermetic chamber. Jean Raspail has the rare imagination and courage necessary to face this terrifying question head-on.

Europe offers no resistance as third-world migrants flood in by boat and ship. Your part of the world, that is.

And when, in turn, the Calcutta Star sailed out of port, the bishop thought he saw, there on the deserted dock by the Ganges, a score of stray dogs lapping up a shining pool of blood, with a hundred others racing through the empty streets to join in the feast. The novel depicts the destruction of Western civilization through Third World mass immigration to France and the West.

The camp of the saints (part II)

The scene in which a local racist French law leads to gruesome retaliation against French people overseas has echoes of conservatives’ worst nightmares about globalization. You were actually giving that mob your blessing May 07, Jeff rated it it was amazing. Also present, in view of the gravity of the situation, are the chiefs of staff of the three branches of the armed forces, as well as the heads of the local and state police, the prefects of the departments of Var and Alpes-Mari times, and, in a strictly advisory capacity, His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Paris, the papal nuncio, and most of the Western ambassadors currently stationed in the capital.


We saw how pretty he was, and we made up our minds we would send him. You will see by the end of the book that the book is a script for a dystopian movie now playing at towns and cities all over America.

A few trifling skirmishes now and again, none of them too well thought of these days. But the Consul was foolish. I take one look at you, each and every one of you, and all I see is contempt for yourselves and all you stand for.

At the end of the book, the narrator and presumably Raspail unleashes his frustration about the way the word “racism” is weaponized and used: His army, for example, reduced to a single soldier — the faithful Sikh — was one of those comic theatrical symbols, the shabby, half-starved actor loping across the stage and awkwardly showing a sign with the words: Yet many of the European elite subscribe to a caricature of their civilization — a multicultural, borderless world, welcoming of everyone, for whom any residual problems can be treated by a sanctimonious dose of post-Christian kumbuya.

The grubbiest ones in the bunch. Hordes Speaking as the son of a first-generation immigrant, I find it hilarious when there’s panic about how simply the presence of a different-believing or a different-looking person will destroy nations.

Way back, behind the backmost women in the crowd, a giant of a man stood stripped to the waist, holding something over his head and waving it like a flag.

It is not refined but I cannot help but read on. One of those worker types from the wrong side of town.

Like a kind of anti-Joan of Arc, charged by King Dio with a thousandfold mission. By the ninth day they had all stopped talking, one by one: The book has been generally labelled as racist, and, as a person with left-leaning sensibilities, my first reaction was indeed outrage. Written over 40 years ago, Jean Raspail faced sints torrent of resistance for this exceptional novel and upon first reading it is easy to understand why. Here I am with a million of my brothers, and sisters, and fathers, and mothers.


The camp of the saints (part II) | The Spectator

These throngs have nothing to lose and have decided to find a better life in these lands of endless milk and honey as they envision them or die trying. And so the monster children began to dance on the deck of the India Star, and the people sang and sang, all through saitns night.

A time-consuming task, since his glance stopped to linger on everything it touched, and since every confrontation was el new act jfan love. Adresse email du destinataire: The same right of survival as Raspail describes. They will march up over the broad earth and surround the camp of the saints and the beloved city A nice dark baby.

The boy who dreams: The President, rather sheepish, felt obliged to soften his attack. Attempts to find private sponsors have so far failed.

Jean Raspail : “Que les migrants se débrouillent”

Well, let me remind you: Raspail has a crude form of prose. But something was building up inside, something slow to take shape, but powerful and solemn all the same. Their machine guns too. Hero of the Soviet Union, from grenadier cadet at Stalingrad to general in the artillery, commander of the northern bank of this blasted Amur. The home front, meanwhile, true to form, fraternized high and low, unabashed and unrestrained. But if you really are the son of God, then come, walk on the water and join us.

There have been all kinds. A rabble-rousing cutthroat if ever there was one!