The hexagonal beam (or known by many as the hex beam) has become a wildly popular antenna. It is a directional antenna that provides great performance and . One Station Steve DL1YAL, gave me the link to EA4CYQ Juan’s website showing his impressive SAT antenna the IOIo. The site contains. Na de MOXON antenne toch maar de CJU antenne gemaakt. Deze werkt zeer leuk, en zeer makkelijk te bouwen en licht in gewicht en.

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I was surprised at his comments so I decided to build another one and try my luck. Simon, sorrt that you didn’t find the time to answer my email. All that’s left to do now is solder a piece of coax to each driven element and connect it to a diplexer, or to your dual-band, dual-antenna rig if you have one or, if there is such a thing.

The center pin soldered up with no issues. Antennas For Easy Satellites. Slide one shaft collar onto either end, up to the PVC, and lightly tighten it it’s important to do this now before we solder on the other half of this element.

With this article I will try to do the task of working under portable conditions easier. De moxon was al leuk, maar dit gaat abtenna als de brandweer. Pedro EB4DKA and I usually have long conversations and we always have the same idea on the brain, to make the ham satellites easier to work so more people will be able to work them.

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CJU or IOIO Antenna for 70cm

Great information Satnam I was looking for such details. Your email address will not be published. You can lightly tighten the shaft collars for now, we’ll set them up properly later.

Now solder each short side onto one end of the piece you installed earlier, making one large rectangle! Rather than taking one 36″ rod and adding 3.

We were s anhenna around for some stuff suitable but we did not find it, so I talked about it with my father EA4ABV who apart from ham he enjoys raising canaries, and told me wait, perhaps the plastic stick where the canaries perch on in the canary jails has this measurement. But first question arises what antenna I should use?


On his first attempt he applied too much heat and ended up burning off the copper coating, so it wouldn’t take solder anymore.

The MHz driven element is the hardest of the four to make. The MHz zntenna are harder to make, as both are longer than 36″, and so will need to be made from two pieces of rod soldered together. The Antena is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists We were browsing the Net searching for a high gain UHF antenna to be attached directly to the HT, but we only found whip antennas that we have just tested.

Real Hams review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them. It wasn’t until after I got my license that I became fully aware of the fact that there are orbiting ham radio satellites which can be used to make QSOs with little more than a 5 watt radio and a directional antenna.

I was just going to say what Rob said: He wanted something that was “two-dimensional” instead of “three-dimensional” the Arrow is a pair of yagis at 90 degrees to each otherlightweight, and somewhat collapsible. The last step is to tighten up the shaft collars. Insert your reflected element into that, slide a shaft collar over each end and atnenna tighten to hold it in place.

So far I have only used the antdnna as a receiver, but iioio works really well for that.

Building an IOio satellite antenna

It’s a rectangle Steps for making the Uhf part. We needed a lightweight boom which it could be of plastic of 0. Je reageert onder je Twitter account. Get our latest news and links in your email. Coax kabel eraan …Antennemeter erop, en over de gehele 70cm goed. This entry was posted in Equipment.


Geef een reactie Reactie annuleren Vul je reactie hier in I am glad you enjoyed reading about my experiments with IOIo antennas. Amateur Radio Field Day As with the MHz driven element, bend out the open ends of this rectangle 90 degrees, and then drill slots in the PVC for them to clip into.

So we became again searching for a linear polarized UHF yagui, because if we work with a hand held antenna, to install a circular polarized one is a nonsense. The MK I Version in action. This kind of behaviour interferes with satellite communications making them more difficult that they are. I would not be able to say which system works better, the only difference is being sitting in the driver seat or in my shack. Everything about assembly is mentioned step by step in the Manual.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Again, make sure it’s straight and that it lines up with the others. My wish was to arouse your curiosity about the amazing world of ham satellites.

Sign up to our Newsletter Get our latest news and links in your email. It would be nice to put some pictures of IOIos built by other Hams on this site ;- 73 and hope to work you on the bands one day.

CJU or IOIO Antenna for 70cm | PDØG HamRadio

Compass for finding direction and skills to use a compass. Simon – better late than never! For the elements he just mentions “steely wire. After this is done, drill the holes at the marked points on the wooden dowel. The braid antennna this coax turned out to be aluminum, so it wouldn’t solder to the copper of the elements.