The Illuminates Of Thanateros. 1st edition. This book is dedicated to the Great Work of Magick and to all those interested in practical magickal work. To those. The Illuminates of Thanateros is essentially a practical Order, acting to organise local groups (Temples) and larger meetings, where members can take part in. Liber Null, a book by Pete Carroll, was originally written as a sourcebook for the magical organization, Illuminates of Thanateros. It includes.

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The cul-de-sac cult, according to ALL disclosures including those resulting in prosecution, had a wide membership. All in all, not a good week. Carroll and Sherwin began to publish private monographs detailing their system of magical practice, some of which had been articles in The New Equinoxothers intended as instruction to members of their order.

In the s they began to attract a following in EnglandGermany, and Austria, including influential occult writers and practitioners.

Illuminates of Thanateros North America

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In the early s the order experienced a schism as a result of conflicts about the doctrine of ‘ice magick’, tahnateros a major proponent of which was Ralph Tegtmeier. You can Google it easily enough, and drive around it on Google Earth.

Although the social worker attempted to have a gagging order placed upon us to cover up this case the magistrate refused, stating quite clearly that although I could not publish the actual records of the case, and that it was illegal to even show them to people, Thabateros had every right to talk, write, and publish concerning the disclosures, and every right to exercise my freedom of speech. Psuedo-Satanism, Paganism, Heathenism, Chaos Magick, and all the thanxteros of these new and popular pseudotraditions all seem to have been founded by charlatans.


I shall not be adding any further information regarding this overall situation as I do not want the guilty to know. Basic common sense and natural ethics tell us everything is most certainly not permitted — and some things are just plain wrong.

Can these people not see themselves at all? In any case, the posh shop is gone and all Carroll has left now is a warehouse just off Old Market, where his neighbours are massage parlours and punk hangouts.

Illuminates Of Thanateros

It is clear that, if we want occultism to thrive, we need to expose the paedophiles and sort this problem out from the ground upwards. After receiving no reply we both sent the email again. In the late s, Ray Sherwin and Thamateros Carrolltwo young British occultists with a strong interest in ritual magicbegan to publish a magazine called The New Equinox.

It is notable that unlike other occult societies with a degree system, the order rewards progression in degree with hardly any privileges, but “punishes” it with added duties and responsibilities.

At the time of publishing this I have yet to receive any reply. Filed under Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library. Thank you for your time and concern. In other words, the current leadership of the IOT in the UK and my family are, to all intents and purposes, one and the same.

The name “Thanateros” is a combination of the names ” Thanatos ” and ” Eros “— the Greek gods of death and sex, respectively. The New Encyclopedia of The Occult. We suspect Carroll is also guilty of online libel against my partner of 15 years, Jasmine DeVille. I,luminates adherence to nihilistic absurdity has clearly fucked them all up, just as it will fuck up countless others if allowed to spread unchecked. In this age of neuromancy such texts are available to all as off pdfs, yet the deeper knowledge of these traditions remains secret to outsiders.


In all this time, despite many complaints from the guilty, the police have not made me edit or take down my website.

I understand, although Illuminatfs have never met him, that Julian Vayne can be charming, appears knowledgable, and has tahnateros at this time — much support from the Pagan community. He continued to expand upon his disclosures for three months, most of which I was not present for and am thankful never to know about. It cannot be rationally denied that there are people from this cult who are still at large and pose a threat to our community.

My resignation a mere seven years later was — as much as anything — out of disappointment and dissatisfaction. In the first excerpt a disabled infant is mentioned. She puts herself in dire jeopardy by remaining in touch with them, along with those around her, and is apparently completely their creature.

Pages using web citations with no URL Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia Articles with Curlie links. Support has not been lacking, however.

The document linked below proves that it was myself who went to the police concerning these matters.