IEC 61804-3 PDF

IEC is available from the IEC at FieldComm Group does not license this document directly. Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering IEC Edition INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. Function blocks (FB) for process control –. Part 3: Electronic Device Description Language .

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Usage of conditional expressions is optional. The attribute item-maskNOTE 1 Even if the least significant bit is not used for actual data, it should be set in an item mask associated with a dummy data item if data items follow. The expression specified in the IF conditional is evaluated. Even if item-type is present it is not interpreted7.

Lexical structure file-reference, member-identifier The attributes are specified in Table For a horizontal GRID, the vectors are displayed top to bottom. Alternatively the LIKE construct may be used to create a copy of the construct with a different identifier. The type is an unsigned integer. The definition of an attribute may be static or dynamic.

Digital communications, of IEC technical committee The field device returns the current values of the specified variables. It may be used more than once. The difference is that the prefix expression changes the operand before using its value, while the postfix expression changes the operand after using kec value. Industrial-process measurement iev control.

NEK IEC 61804-3:2010

Lexical structure item-type Table 42 shows the allowed item-types: If jec field has attributes, the presence of the attributes is specified in a table. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. The type of the assignment expression corresponds to its left operand. If the result is non-zero, the attribute is specified by a then-clause; otherwise, it is specified by an else-clause.


The right operand can be an assignment expression again. The table layout and the possible usage qualifiers are shown in Table 1. NOTE This construct is included for backwards compatibility.

X lexical element see 7. This identification information shall be the first entry in every EDD and shall appear only once. The identifier should be unique for each type.

The operands shall be numerical data types. An IF conditional is used for specifying an attribute that has two alternative definitions. By ifak, integration based on a DTM toolkit device descriptions is carried out. The code allocation should be managed by the specific organizations which are responsible for the different EDDL profiles.

EDDL – Thorsis Technologies GmbH

NOTE The device type may specify either a category of devices or a specific product. The committee has decided that the contents of this publication will remain unchanged until the maintenance result date indicated on the IEC web site under “http: The attributes of the new instance may be redefined, added or deleted see 7.

The transaction to be performed should be explained in a corresponding specification specifies a write transaction. Read more about Investigations of improvements of the information flow during the commissioning of devices.

EDD describes the management of information to be displayed to the user. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


The order of the list shall be maintained in the corresponding data field in 618004-3 communicated PDU. Figure 27 shows the EDDL import mechanisms. Three kinds of conditional expressions may be used. Commands with local indices behave exactly the same as commands with INDEX 6104-3 variables except the index variables are not stored in the device.

This kind of conditional expression can only be used for numeric values 68104-3. EDDL can explain device parameters and their dependencies, visual representations for user interactions can be defined and communication paths with which the system can access device data can be described. This element shall be coded in a concrete syntax.

In the Attribute column, if more than one attribute exists, which have the same usage, the attributes are sorted in alphabetical order.

BS EN 61804-3:2011

NOTE Beside the defined syntax in this standard, it is possible to use other syntax definitions, which may be added in future to allow jec features and representations for future progress. An input block is a special kind of computation block which does unit conversions, scaling, and damping.

ABC field1, field2, field3 indicates that field2 and field3 are used in conjunction with the conditional expression, conditional constructs are specified in 7.