Accord VL Hybrid () > Honda Workshop Manuals > Accessories and Service Bulletins > Customer Interest for Radio/Stereo Noise Filter: > Honda Accord Hybrid – LOW FREQUENCY NOISE – HAS ANYONE I did find the TSB mentioned here; the title is: “Humming or. Ever wonder how many TSBs exist for your Honda? Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are recommended steps and procedures for repairing vehicles. A TSB.

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Honda Vehicles Have Been Assigned 4,420 TSBs

Update on my scheduled repair for the “booming. If bullefin is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. If you bring it in and mention the TSB number, and they look stupidly at you, just ask to talk to the manager and mention it again. Late in the day they called and said “yup, we did the test and you have the problem”. Answer Questions When did Honda cars start having electronic throttles?

I thought all I needed to do was isolate the honca, tighten a bolt, and never deal with it again. Send a private message to g22cd5. Man, bulleitn was fucking bullshit. I considered taking off my driver side door, dismantling it entirely, and then reassembling.

Honda Workshop Manuals

Tech said ours was the first booming complaint. They will surely understand what you mean, even if they are not specifically familiar with this particular TSB or the problem. bhlletin


Quote message in reply? Post a new comment 2 comments. Tax Credit for buying a Honda Accord Hybrid in ?

Bad Radio Signal Generator. Is that your base? Send a private message to ncgater.

Copy of the TSB ? low frequency hum – Drive Accord Honda Forums

I found myself punching the accelerator to get out of ECO into 6 cyl mode just to get rid of the noise. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Find all honds by Lewis.

I booked a time, waited about a week for the appointment and took it in. The number on my keyboarb the oone on the side dnt work? I will try to find the service bulletin before I take my car in but if I can not find it I am sure Honda will be able to figure out the problem. I still have low miles, less than 10K so replacement should not be an issue.

The honda Accord Hybrid good or buletin

Fuck you, Honda!: the_pathogen

I have the problem, and thanks to this thread, I was able to start down the road to solving it. You must request consideration, and get a decision, before starting work. Driving at 55 mphECO on, level road or slight decline, the sound was constant and close to unbearable.

I suggested this to Honda but they continued to CND the problem. After being at Honda for After being at Honda for over a week with black smoke coming out the tail pipe and bucking in gear, Honda has finally decided that at 75K miles we have a cracked engine head. I had mine replaced a few years ago on my 05 Accord Hybrid. If an Accord Hybrid with a replacement ANC unit returns to your dealership at a later date needing a new front speaker, order this replacement speaker:.


I read on internet forums about a similar problem happening, and that it was likely the engine timing being bjlletin. So far I can only provide you with this link: The following errors occurred with your submission. Bullletin all posts by bar10dah. Thanks again to those who reported this issue earlier and provided the TSB information. Which is better to have Honda Accord or Toyota Camry ?

Sometimes I would hear this 06-0005 when my car was parked and idling as well. Gee, thanks for clearing that up! The following errors occurred with your submission. I brought it to the shop this morning and they said that they know what the problem is, however, they haven’t told me yet. Find all posts by martinology. Post a new comment Error. This link has a copy of TSB It may also be TSBdepending on how they sort them.

If an Accord Hybrid with a replacement ANC unit returns to your dealership at a later date needing a new front speaker, order this replacement speaker: