I bought Voodoo when it first came out a couple years back. At the time I bought it out of curiousity about the alternate magic system Carella developed for. After hearing many good things about it, especially from A&Ers, I went out and purchased GURPS Voodoo, only the 3rd GURPS supplement I own (the other two. GURPS Classic: Voodoo – GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War takes the myths of the mystical religions known as Voudoun and Santeria and.

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AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Everything’s about achieving gnosis and becoming the most powerful and mystically enlightened Initiate around. Temples and sacred sites that have had magical rituals conducted in them continuously for twenty years or more have become voodoo if you aren’t in one of these places, you either eat the penalty or take a few minutes to temporarily consecrate your location by placing candles, symbols, and arcane etchings around you.

In addition to a human form, snake people can turn into any snake species they know vlodoo.

FATAL & Friends — GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

Why the Haitian Revolution was actually bad, and other items of questionable historicity. If you want to include a little magic with your modern-day adventures, I -highly- voodko this book. Spirit Warrior base 73 pts. Levels of Initiation go from First to Tenth, and we even get statistics on around how many post-First Level Initiates exist in the world population.

Will 20; Per 20; Speed 8.

Find More Posts by Icelander. When you go and dig them up after the funeral, they seemingly miraculously come back to life, though now as a brainwashed slave with near-immunity to pain.

A quick scan of GURPS Monster Hunters revealed that it is possible to play a Crusader who channels loa, but the GM or player must hand-assemble the specific powers from those available under Mysticism.

Will contest to damage spirits through sheer force of personality, permanently killing guurps that are dealt with in this manner. Keely rated it liked it Aug 21, It has a great, creepy atmosphere. Varying spirits below the gods, daemons in Greek mythology are parted into malevolent cacodaemon or benevolent agathodaemon entities.

They agree, and the Corruptor goes to royally fuck up the Napoleonic Army with plague and disaster, allowing the Haitians to win the day. Find More Posts by PK. If you fuck the ritual up too badly, though, the spirits will target you for vodoo attack instead.

GURPS Voodoo 4e For something that’s so marginally controllable or accessible, it might be more reasonable to stat it as a Patron or Ally rather than as an alternate form. He even has the panikon deima, his shout of fear.


Though this is in part a workaround, and I agree that the impossibility of vvoodoo down Alternate Forms to a useful degree is an issue. Some of them are secretly used as disinformation agents by the Lodges those guys sure do love a good disinformation campaignwhile others are actually unaware spontaneous Initiates whose skepticism shapes their magic in such a way that they ward off supernatural forces through sheer disbelief.

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A highest tier Initiate is basically a religious icon unto themselves, with Gautama Buddha and Mohammed getting name-dropped as examples of what you can expect once you’re that far down the magical rabbit hole. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Mounts of Legba gain prodigious strength and act like an elderly man, sometimes spasming or going stiff. Nearly all the world’s militaries are at least partly influenced by the Lodges, usually the Enlightened Lodge, and some traumatic spontaneous Initiates crop up in the ranks.

This unpleasant ogre stuffed unruly children in his gunnysack, hence the name. Perhaps some of the most terrifying In-Betweeners, skin-changers are ageless murderous monsters who resemble people that have had their skin removed to reveal everything beneath.

Zarabanda, or Sarabanda, is the Kongo god of war, strength, and metal, and is likely to be a regional variation on Ogun. Want to Read saving…. Ritual Magic is the skill you roll to make magic do magic things, Vever Drawing lets you create a traditional Voodoo ritual icon to beef up your magic knowing Ritual Magic already lets you do Vever Drawing at a -4 penalty without paying for the separate skilland Shapeshifting lets you Terry Whisenant rated it it was amazing Dec 29, You can call on Legba to open many doors, as he is capable of imparting exceptional talent at picking locks, bypassing electronic security, or hacking computer systems.

All times are GMT You make your preparations, call the spirits, vokdoo them your request, make your offering, and hope for the best. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Pan vooodoo his satyr manifestations can spread lust or let out a shout to strike fear in the hearts of mortals, and when Mounting someone he makes the possessed a lecherous party animal gkrps a fair bit of strength, flexibility, musical talent, and sex appeal.

Spirit Warriors gain the buffs but get to keep their minds for the most part, save for certain disadvantages or quirks they have to take gjrps keep in tune with the spirit. His Spirit Warriors have the same lecherous party animal habits willingly. Unsurprisingly, the humanoid cats are exceedingly flexible, agile, clever, and sadistic, and have the ability to take the form voodol a human or housecat.


American forces would occupy Haiti from towhere paternalistic racism was present, but turps eventually ended and “a lot of positive results” came from the occupation in the form of improved healthcare, better roads, and a better organized society.

Rituals also have three “elements” tied to them that affect their skill rolls as well. These are points you’re just some slightly above-average schmuck, usually having just learned of the Shadow Warto points First to Third Level Initiates; more on levels of Initiation in a bitto points Fourth and Fifth Level Initiates, as well as lower tier ghosts and In-Betweenersand to points powerful magicians and playable supernatural beings.

John rated it really liked it Apr 24, Addictive luxuries like tobacco, coffee, white sugar and alcohol have been among the main staples of Caribbean agriculture. With the bulk of GURPS Voodoo covered, the only thing left voosoo do foodoo is to coordinate and give out some final thoughts before moving on to that certain other C. Prostitutes are enslaved and abused, caught young and die young from STDs, drugs, violence, or being a popular target for human sacrifice or In-Betweener foodstuffs.

GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Beneath that struggle, some Initiates have begun to realize, lies a battle between Humankind and beings that have no use for power or wealth — only destruction. For example, the traditional asson rattle pleases the coupled loas Damballa and Ayida-Wedo, while Ogun loves images of himself engraved on a nice metal blade.

God of destruction and war, Zarabanda became a Corruptor through worship by Red Sects. The orisha of hunting, wild places and the life therein, and healing, Ochosi’s a pretty good guy to have on your side. Will 17; Per 17; Speed 7. They are found naturally in the forested mountains of the Caribbean, but have also appeared in urban areas of the United States and Canada, where they nest atop tall abandoned buildings. Some rare bird people are able to cleanse their souls and lose their bloodthirstiness and need to murder, and if you can convince them these guys make loyal guardians.