Shop GIRA Info Terminal Touch KNX EIB, Glass White, Aluminium. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. GIRA Info Terminal Touch. The Gira InfoTerminal Touch with cover frame of real materials (glass, aluminium) is equipped with a TFT touch display with a. Instabus KNX/EIB InfoTerminal Touch Instabus KNX/EIB Glas weiss. Das Gira InfoTerminal Touch mit Abdeckrahmen aus. Echtmaterial (Glas, Aluminium) ist mit.

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Gira offers two system solutions in addition to the flush-mounted radio: Der Seitenaufbau ist frei definierbar. Please, contact us for customized KNX training worldwide groups of at least 8 people gida training futurasmus-knxgroup. The clear girx design is combined with selected surface materials of wood, shiny glass, various aluminium variants or glossy gold or chrome-gloss polished metal.

It consists of more than functions for convenient, safe and economical electrical installation in three different colours.

Информације за поручивање

Because all operating and display elements can be coloured and positioned as desired, the functions on the Gira InfoTerminal Touch are clear and extremely easy to operate. Wohnungsstation The Gira home station combines the classic hands-free system with convenient added value: To prevent countless individual, isolated solutions from arising, the various suppliers of electrical installation devices have agreed on a joint standard for all of Europe: Request information material Printview Recommend page.


A preview function provides assistance here.

The growing need for convenience, security and individual living concepts is paving the way for modern technology in the home. The desired type of installation must be set at the start of configuration. All functions can be conveniently controlled directly on the 5.

Sitemap Media database Price List. Should you be interested in buying KNX components, you are welcome to read our General Sales Conditions and contact our technicians and commercial agents per telephone, infoterminnal or online help. Systematic intelligent building technology for the need-based use of lighting and heating, central control of light, blinds, ventilation, light scene management, saving energy and more.

Nurse call system Thanks to its decentral and modular design, the Gira nurse call system is suitable for both very small systems and a large facility with various residential units or care wards.

Gira InfoTerminal Touch

All functions are visualised on computers and the Gira InfoTerminal Touch. The frame variants and all the inserts of the switch range are available in the five colours, including pure white, grey, black, blue and red.

System Integrator Karlheinz Mundinger infotermihal involved in the building planning from the very beginning. With their brilliant touch displays, they enable simple control of the entire home technology with just a single finger.

Gira InfoTerminal Touch

The basic devices of the Gira door station can be expanded with additional components such as a colour camera or an info module.

He installed a KNX system for intelligent building control in the entire home. The basic device with loudspeaker, microphone and call buttons can be optionally enhanced to include a TFT colour display and an additional push button for in-house calls.


Eine Vorschaufunktion erleichtert die Projektierung. You can visit our online catalogue in this website and, if you are a professional, ask for a non binding offer for your KNX projects. In addition to the ground and anodised aluminium cover frame, Gira also offers glass cover plates in white, black and mint that frame the display.

In the case that the user does not explicitly state whether to accept the installation of cookies, but continues using our website, it will mean that he has consented expressly, informing him about the infoterminsl to block or remove the installed cookies on his computer by configuring the appropriate settings of the browser. E22 As an alternative to conventional flush-mounted installation, the Gira E22 switch range offers the option of an installation procedure which results in a cover frame which is just 3 mm thick when installed on the wall.

It also forwards corresponding voice messages to the responsible person via telephone, text message and e-mail.

This includes complete light scenes that can be pre-programmed and multiroom systems that provide music in every room. Each floor forms a small community with spacious meeting place, television area and seating areas.

Bedien- und Anzeigeelemente koennen beliebig auf dem Display positioniert werden. With the colour display, functions such as switching, dimming and blind control can be executed, light scenes can be saved and called up, and a variety of bus functions can be linked with ease.