Thank you for purchasing a Futaba FHSS 3PL GHz system. This system is based on the combination of the newly developed GHz transmitter. : FUTABA 3PL MCCR / S set G (drift specifications) Toys & Games. FEATURES: Special mixing includes 4WS for crawlers or brake mixing on 1/5 scale requiring front and; INCLUDES: Futaba 3PL GHz FHSS Transmitter with .

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Please use the T3PL Be sure the steering trim on the transmitter is at the neutral position.

Futaba 3PL

You also have expo control which is useful on high-speed sections. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If fjtaba system fails to operate or you experience a short range problem or erratic control, futaab the table below for possible causes. Steering neutral adjustments can be made by moving the Steering trim knob to the left or right. Overall, I have to give the edge to the MX-V. Remove the battery cover from If the batteries are loaded incorrectlythe transmitter by sliding it in the the transmitter may be damaged.

When adjustments are made with the trims, recheck your installation for maximum travel.

If I had to keep only one radio I would definitely keep the Sanwa, but the Futaba is certainly a solid radio also. When Trim usage is extreme If it takes most of your futxba movement to get a servo to the neutral position, reposition the servo horn or servo saver on the servo and inspect your linkage installation.


Steering EPA right side and left side.

Both radios have the standard adjustments: Both triggers are quite smooth, but the Sanwa wheel is definitely sharper and more accurate. Brake mixing for second brake 3PL Once the link is made, the ID code is stored in the receiver and futba further linking is necessary unless the receiver needs to be used with another transmitter.

The Gutaba is heavier, at g vs. Find More Posts by BustersBrownce1. Don’t show me this message again. True, once I have used 4 eneloops as well in my 4GRS but again 4 futqba nimh has a normal voltage of 4. You will never get the full time out of it and it will be tricky when the low battery level is reached.

Remove the main battery source from electric powered models when they are not being used. Originally Posted by Grizzbob.


The Sanwa comes with a waterproof albeit bulkier receiver, and the Futaba comes with a pretty nice 4 channel receiver that is futba little slimmer and cleaner. BB code is On. The 3PL wheel is larger and I prefer the bigger size. The other main radio in this market segment is the Spektrum DX4C.

I am more of a racer, and precision and feel are very important to me as well as the expo function. If your radio is meant for a kid or you have small hands, the Sanwa will fit you better.


This function reverses the rotation direction of Channel-4 Servo Futwba the channel-4 servo.

Find More Posts by Grizzbob. The Sanwa menu is always present on the LCD screen, but the letters are a little smaller. Futaba will not be held responsible for damages caused by other than genuine Futaba parts and components. Futaha only genuine Futaba parts and components listed in the in- struction manual and catalog. If the engine is running or the motor is connected while adjustments are made, the model may run out 3ll control.

FUTABA 3PL-2.4G Instruction Manual

A LiFe battery may be a better choice if your charger can charge them. Adjust the servo horn hole position and linkage so both are parallel. Then I would advice to make a 5 cell AAA battery pach which will futabw. You can also cycle forward and backwards through the menu, while the Futaba only goes forward. While style is not the most important thing when it comes to radios, the MX-V is far more modern fitaba expensive-looking than the Futaba.

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