REQUIREMENT FOR THE DEGREE OF. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE. IN. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. FSAE Chassis and Suspension. Hello forum. I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. One of the overwhelming problems that I’m having is figure out the step by step. This article deals with design of Formula SAE Suspension by considering various loads and their simulation on each component of the system.

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Below are represented the inputs used to evaluate the dynamic response with different configuration of spring and dampers. The suspension must permit vertical movement between the suspended mass relative to the tires. Note that the input in this case is cyclic. Secondly; Start by tires I remember watching a video where Mr. Understand the basic physics first!

It has to be taken into account that the model is only considering the roll behavior for the skidpad, consequently the roll stiffness is represented only by springs and the damping is suited for the roll behavior of the car; in the real world you have anti roll bars to get different stiffness in bump and roll, and usually the damping is the same in roll and bump, then it has to be a compromise to suit two different stiffness ie roll and bump.

Do you want to just keep the wheels on the car and complete the laps or do you want a car that is the fastest thing in a corner? Willingness to compromise is key to coming up a with a good design, nothing will be perfect. One of the best softwares out there is OptimumK however it is not for free.


In the skid pad the difference between the two configurations is very subtle because of the fact that in steady state is the stiffness distribution, which is the same, that gives you some difference. Hello Benn, First warm greetings and afterward; I’m a beginner too so don’t take this as an expert talk Response to the sine function: The model is composed by the 4 wheels rim and tire fixed on the hubs which is connected with the uprights by a rotational joint, the uprights are then connected by two couples of distance constraints representing the a-arms and a single distance constraint representing the toe rod to the chassis.

What are the functional requirements, for the suspension sub-system, these should emerge from the functional requirement of the car. The suspension permits control of the vehicle direction. In fact with softer spring on the front the difference is a little higher, but in every skid pad simulation the grip limits of the car are NOT reached, and consequently, as is evident in the yaw acceleration graphs, the car remains neutral.

Here we can see the relative speed and angular speed that stabilizes after some laps, and the results are considered only for the stabilized part of the steady state corner. I basically don’t know where to start there is so much information.

Video of the Eigenmode of the chassis at 3. The time now is Then; Put the whole geometry on a kinematics analysis software Another free one and quite successful is Wishbone. Or find the yaw moment when both external tires are at peak for different radius.

Then, build, race, win. Is there something that can be innovative to the design?

Analysis of a FSAE suspension system |

What are the specifications associated with your functional requirements. Milliken Research Associates, Inc.


If you have aero you have to calculate the load from it, in any case you will have drag, wich will require torque from the rear wheel and will create a small load transfer!

How far up the helix can you get suspnsion your FSAE tenure? Detail of the CAD front right wheel assembly view skspension the inside of the car. I’m fairly new to FSAE and suspension design. And start sketching on the front view geometry by drawing lines to express your wishbones and your unsprung mass and then move to the side view As in any design problem there are some step you should take before jumping into the details.

One thing that can be noticed is actually how bumpy the track is. The chassis is fixed to the ground for the stiffness test by a bracket joint, which is removed for the other tests.

Claude Rouelle who is a famous FSAE judge and president of one of the leading suspsnsion in vehicle dynamics softwares “OptimumG” saying that if you know the forces acting on your suspenison contact patch then you will be able to choose a suspension template.

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Web design by paomedia. Start by 2D visualizing. Analyze handling of the car for different parameters and choose system parameters.

Here are presented the force and displacements graphs for the four tires in each of the six configuration mentioned in the modeling section.