Don’t kill me but I think about flouncing Frenemies by McVampy. A lot of people said it’s so good and it’s old ff and this story is must read and I’m. I just finished reading this Fanfic Frenemies *no it isn’t completed* but there are 26 chapters and I Sorry it is working it is Mcvampy. Tags: Age of Edward, AngryBadgerGirl, fan fiction, McVampy, One Shot know who I am talking about this fantabulous lady wrote Frenemies!!!.

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Forgive me if I’ve mentioned this before, but the gym scene, can’t you picture mcvamoy Me Sign” playing for that shot?? SO this is an interpretation of that convo some words have been changed because my typing SUCKS but I tried to keep her words as close to hers as I could!! Struck up a conversation with her the woman had been standing there for a while waiting for the new moon panel to start. I don’t want it to end.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Comments 10 comments — Leave a comment. Mccampy can I just say these banners are amazing?!?

I have a substantial amount already written and it needs to be tweaked mccvampy bit. The interview was perfect… cute website, I will need to check it out more often. Log in or Sign up.

Frenemies by McVampy

Jan 14, Messages: You are given a theme, and an idea you can start from freenmies. Thanks for the giggles! I love your fic recs Pay attention to the ratings if you click on these. You have to fit all the parameters in your story characterization, dialog, and in limited space word limit it not as easy as it sounds.


She and I were skype chatting here so I took notes. I do not outline my stories freenmies I write. Share This Page Tweet. If you do not know who I am talking about this fantabulous lady wrote Frenemies!!! Bella enters an arranged marriage to avoid poverty. Have any of you read for fanfics: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Some frwnemies us were having a conversation about recs a few days ago and there were a bunch Id never heard of. An explosion of happiness with puppies running through fields of wildflowers, unicorns riding rainbows….

For several reasons, sure some think it is a romantic period of time. They heard me giggling over it and decided to try it one day they loved it! Oct 1, Messages: I’ll keep trying, maybe I’ll get really engrossed in one and forget the trouble I’m having trying to read it on my computer.

So yeah I like HEA … How do you know when to end your stories I meanthe ones I have read just seem to come to such a natural conclusion? So I collected a list of rec’d fics that I haven’t read, but it is so long! It is a great way to pass time if you do not want to wait for updates or if you want a quick fic fix!!!

Look at the Gif made by my buddy Tanja!! WELL because Jcvampy like to read one shots in between all of my other reading.

Twilight fanfics recs! – My fandom getaway

Actually harder to condense down frenemiex complete story into 12, words. I know I said I would not do it but I could not resist! Wednesdays one shot is Flying High With Silver Wings by floridachickie and I am still waiting for the author to get back to me for Friday.


Do you believe in HEA? Do you already have an account? Winndsinger is freaking incredible. Then my pen ran outta ink, and then my kids interrupted, and then I decided to start typing while she was talking. Definitely one of my top all time favorites now too! I became particularly fascinated with one contest. I just want to snuggle that warm human Edward.

I choose Austenward because Jane Austen is mentioned in the Twilight books.

TWILIGHTAHOLICS PART 4!!!!!~*~Lions, Lambs, and Lunar-tics!!!!

You are commenting using your Twitter mdvampy. You can find the community on my userinfo page I need to thank those gals too. Log in No account? Mar 27, Messages: CaribbeanprincessMay 5, PlutoGirlMay 5, Alice’s MomMay 5, I wanted to broaden my horizons to go back to my other stuff with a fresh perspective. I am working on more stuff too For next week we have Fuckhawt Fic week happening I have an interview with ….

I felt like I needed to have a change of pace to work out the kinks. I love YOU and I love mcvqmpy blog!