What are the Infernal Exalted? This question, the central question for this chapter, is best answered by starting at the beginning. To quickly sum. Infernal Exalted is a collective term used for all those Exalted who have entered service to the Yozis and have been twisted by them. Within the Chosen of the. The Manual of Exalted Power—The Infernals provides the rules and background to run a game that focuses upon. Infernal Exalted characters or to design such.

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The Infernal, under attack, reflexively rewrites Creation in a way that will stop the attack. Each shintai will feature a number of signature powers it can unleash. SWLIHN, who infernale not in the least full of her own genius, will gladly let anyone roll Temperance to reduce Limit any time they explain their diabolical plan to a captured prisoner. Eat them for a week, you become a Creature of Darkness. The Yozis just made a batch of Baby Yozis, 2.

What We Know – Edalted wiki compiling info on second edition Scion.

Infernal Exalted | A Watchful Eye | Obsidian Portal

Imagine reading this, but with more words. I understand, not everyone is willing to go tell the school bully to eff himself, or reject bribes, resist lust and amibition. Your Urge is to murder Lytek. Gifted with new psychic powers these brilliant minds are unleashed upon their worlds if they were Infernal Lightning, for them may as well be.

If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it. And most traditional Devil’s bargains DON’T actually require you to make the world a foul place while you live, whereas the Infernal Exaltation does.


Manual of Exalted Power: Confusing the issue, our example Yozi-Kin is you guessed it a demon rape baby! A huge loogie spat in the Sun’s face for betraying his master’s.

Further, he has to take what he can get. Tune in next time for Chapter Two: His children will face more of the same. Monsters sing your praises.

Yozis embody what they are and they are what they embody. He was God to these people, but he had no interest in purpose. I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. They are the dealmakers and brokers of the infernal reaches and Hell’s emissaries to the mortal coil.

Things I liked about Infernals. On the debatable plus side, though, paranoia about Akumas did lead to the Solar god-kings of the age going to such crazy excesses that their advisors hatched Operation Kill Them All Off For The Good Of Creation, so hey, progress. I thought they changed it to “Exalted is a precursor to our world” or something.

Are Infernals Evil – Chancel Aleph

Or an Infernalss will want to kill you for existing. What makes Infernals onfernals utter, unconditional blackguards in comparison, when they didn’t make even half as nasty a deal as the Abyssals did?

During the writing of the book, there was actually this enormous row over the topic of Yozi escape. December 28, Evidently the big draw of the Green Sun Prince project for the Yozis, aside from the whole “we get our own Exalted, that’s pretty sweet” thing, is that Infernals will act as life preservers for the Yozis. For obvious reasons, Lytek isn’t consulted re: Her Charmset has the following subdivisions: There was also some infernnals of back-and-forth with Alan.


Once there, the Prince is met by a humaniform jouten representing the Yozi that owns its Exaltation and carried away to commune with the Yozi and their Third Circle souls.

Exalted, as a game, isn’t designed to emulate Ancient World traditional mythic stories. They have more freedom than Abyssals, and more self-determination.

Your ad here, right now: The Yozis certainly aren’t an embodiment of it, the way, say, Satan is.

Infernal Exalted

If they can’t get cackling, fucking-a-dead-baby crazy evil, they’ll settle for gullible. Their multitude of souls are less tightly constrained, helping to facilitate their interaction with a universe that is not made up of the complete mental absolutes that Yozis deal in, but still….

Stay classy, White Wolf. Fortunately, it’s all about to be left behind us.

Malfeas, the Demon City: If the Reclamation fails, or fails to work quickly, the Yozis and their new Exalted are going to be in for… interesting times.

Infegnals with the divine and blasphemous powers of their Chosen, the shattered Ancients will begin to grow in power. I’ll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you’re having fun I’ll never say you’re doing it wrong. Not because he’s stupid, but because he can’t. Even the nicest ones—Adorjan, SWL and Infernalw still absolutely furious about getting rolled for lunch money and shoved down Malfeas’s throat. Does he want to be a hero?