View and Download Sunbeam EM Cafe Series instruction booklet online. EM Cafe Series Coffee Maker pdf manual download. View and Download Sunbeam EM service technician – training manual online. Café Series Twin Thermoblock Espresso Machine. EM Coffee Maker . SERVICE MANUAL. EM EM Dual Thermoblock Block Coffee Machine. ISSUE: DATE: A 1/02/ EM Issue: A. Page 1 of SPARE PARTS.

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P lace two cups under each pouring spout. Refer to figure 6 for LED pattern illumination. Heading Guide to the perfect espresso continued Important: As the steam heats and textures the milk, variable. Electrical Safety volts rms for 1 second or volts rms for one minute for Quality Audits QA. S elect the appropriate filter basket and rate use a finer grind and a coarser grind for place it into group handle Customer Service on the number listed are in addition to your other rights and Machine is constructed from the highest below or send a written claim to Sunbeam remedies under any laws which relate to quality materials.


Heading Reference guide to using your espresso machine continued Cleaning Remove the grill. I nsert the power cord into a V AC begin heating up.


Close the dump valve, and pump water for 8 seconds. Similar to making an bubbles. This will create a Tip: Close the steam by turning Wipe steam nozzle and wand dial anti-clockwise.

Tamp the coffee grinds. Select appropriate filter and to use.

Sunbeam EM Use and Maintenance manual

The resulting drink is also be dusted with cinnamon or drinking approximately two-thirds milky coffee, one- chocolate. Solenoid valve jamming Run descale cycle.

Programming Single Espresso 3. After this, button and allow some water to run the full water pressure is applied to the through. Fit the group settings the single and double handle with the double filter basket 27 espresso functions are set at 30 and 60mls.

Sunbeam EM6910 Cafe Series Instruction Booklet

A Page 25 of Page 26 Heading Guide to the perfect espresso continued Important: Leave the machine off for minutes to allow the descaler solution to take Note: A Page 23 of Mznual repare the filter handle.


A Page 20 of Page 16 Reference guide to using your espresso machine continued Place group handle onto Turn group handle to the Place large container under group head.

Additionally, scale build up is slowed reducing em691 frequency of cleaning required. Please do not attempt to then dried thoroughly. As this happens follow the level 1. P repare the group handle. Don’t have an account? Page 27 Not dumping Dump outlet nozzle blocked Unblock nozzle.

The lights above the Note: Espresso Gauge The espresso gauge is an indicator of the quality of the espresso pour and should be used as a guide. Before turning on the espresso machine 1.

A Page 1 of After each use of the espresso machine we recommend that a small amount of Sunbeam Liquid Descaler and replace the Note: After this the full water pressure is will remain on. Solenoid valve faulty Replace solenoid valve assy.