She’s never given much thought to the eight locked rooms above her uncle’s workshop in the barn; that is, not until she finds a key with her name on it. “Eight Keys” is a children’s novel by Suzanne LaFleur that follows the struggles of Elise Bertrand as she begins sixth grade, deals with a bully named Amanda. LaFleur’s second novel is a quiet and emotionally honest coming-of-age story chronicling Elise’s journey into middle school. Elise has lived.

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I could not put it down.

Summaries and Excerpts: Eight keys / Suzanne LaFleur.

The other kids started laughing at me and Franklin. It was really hard to feel any sympathy for her at all. She had a perfect opportunity and platform. This is our family. I climbed out of bed and decided that the tank top I’d slept in would do for kehs day, too, so I found my shorts eigjt the floor and pulled them on.

Any baby book will tell you to feed only one new food at a time to look for allergic reactions.

I sat on the edge of the bathtub in my shorts with a box of Band-Aids–plain ones, thank goodness–and stuck them all over my legs. The eight keys and the Second time reading this book.


Oct 16, Shainna rated it it was amazing. Random House Children’s Books, c Read reviews that mention eight keys middle school aunt and uncle best friend suzanne lafleur year old great suzann coming of age recommend suanne book main character uncle hugh book ever mother died friend franklin read this book lives with her aunt died in childbirth life lessons even though really good.

The way that the thoughts behind each room were not immediately explained but allowed time for the reader to think on them, that was well done too. Ok I just don’t get this story. They have streaky hair and short skirts. Does that sound good?

The thing is the adults in Elise’s life did care about her. Franklin and Elise hung out most of their summer vacation. On the plus side, I appreciated the portrayal of the changing nature of friendships over time. Franklin’s mom wasn’t happy about him making us weapons, but Uncle Hugh assured her that the worst that could happen was lafldur would get splinters–and that’s only happened a couple times.

I wish the end was more eventful and a little less boring though.

Eight Keys

The narrator’s voice in this audio book was sooo young – perhaps that didn’t help. Uncle Hugh reminds Elise that as she gets older, lafldur each year her responsibilities will be increasing.


There main hangout in the summer was the woods. A glimmer of excitement lit Franklin’s eyes. Feb 04, Eva rated it liked it. When the last day of summer vacation came, her and Franklin played their last game of keyz. I saw myself at that age a lot in Elise. Elise and Franklin have always been best friends.

He did that day, too. I expected a huge mystery surrounding the ‘eight keys’ but the actual way in which Elise comes in possession of the keys and opens the doors was more realistic.

But she had such a great support system in her aunt and uncle and Leonard that I really wanted her to open up. Elise’s parents have been dead for I fell in love with this book. Franklin let out another scream and ran past me to battle a few more ghosts.

I’d give this 3.

He would never interrupt when I am thinking. Elise scraps her knees and is called “Scabular” several times.