In my article “Efim Geller, Killer on the Chessboard,” I discussed Geller’s pioneering work with the King’s Indian Defense. (Mikhail Botvinnik said. Efim Geller was born in Odessa, in the Soviet Union, in He began to make his mark in the late s, with his most notable result so far. Efim Geller () was among the world’s best for about 30 years. He played in six Candidates cycles and had a +2 career score against.

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Efim Geller

The format is a player knockout. White must take up the cudgels and fight! But it’s been a few years since I last checked them out figuratively speaking and I see that they were actually forced to play real games with some decisive resultswhen they met in the FIDE Knockout Women’s Championship.

Blow the whistle and inform an administrator. Fischer won the Monte Carlo tournament. Ultimately, he regained the material, reached a superior endgame, and in the end won a terrific game.

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Geller vs K Klaman. The Kasparov Gambit The introductory position of the Kasparov Gambit can occur after 1 d4,1 Nf3 and 1 c4, which can appeal to a wide range of players.

Velimirovic provoked an early tactical crisis, as is his wont, and had Geller responded normally, Black would have enjoyed excellent compensation for his intended pawn sacrifice. Solve tactical positions of your playing strength. His aggressive playing style and expertise in double-edged positions culminated in a gller score against four World Champions over the course of his career Mikhail BotvinnikVasily SmyslovTigran Vartanovich Petrosianand Robert James Fischer.


Efim Geller, the father of the King’s Indian

Efim Petrovich Geller was born in Odessa, Ukraine. Geller vs V A Vasiliev. I attempt to restore them, to find new ideas and plans. Annotate, analyze and share.

Efim Geller – Wikipedia

For the purpose of this article, we have selected only three of them, but we invite you to include his games in your training efimm — you will have a lot to learn! Still no ChessBase Account?

But the next game, in when Fischer was near his prime, should have been a Fischer brilliancy. During Geller’s career, he appeared in the Candidates five more times and competed in a record 23 Soviet Championships winning two, in [ rusbase-1 ] and [ rusbase-2 ]. E67 King’s Indian, Fianchetto. D15 Queen’s Gambit Declined Slav. Geller’s best result was in the cycle, as he finished second to Bobby Fischer at the Veller Interzonal.

Nc3 a6, which he used to defeat Bobby Fischer. Spassky turned Russian Bear against him. The next time they played, Petrosian had gellef avenge that loss, of course, so he went out and played one of his all-time best games. Qc7, but also more flexibly— Play, analyze and train online against Fritz.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat In chess, there is always someone whose style drives you efik.

Efim Geller, the father of the King’s Indian | ChessBase

But Geller was in a fighting mood, said no, Petrosian got rattled and lost. Retrieved 25 September We believe that knowing the classics is one of the first steps to improve in chess. Efim Geller — Learning from the Legends. He remained active in chess tournaments until he was 70, continuing to win many important competitions and producing highly instructive games. At one time he was one of the strongest juniors in the U.

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Viktor Korchnoi beat Efim Geller 11 to 6, with 15 draws. Efim Geller in Tal, on the other hand, still had a lot of fight left against Spassky, efin managed to win 5 games in that time. When Petrosian and Geller drew their final game inthey hadn’t had a decisive result with each other in 20 years, and most of their games stopped being real ones.

Dec 21, Yes, there are many situations where there is more than one really good move or even multiple ways to mate! Another funny thing about Petrosian and Geller. But they had two decisive games in the Candidates.

Views Read Edit View history. And on the first of October !! When this occurs they think that I missed it. Build and maintain your repertoire.

Efim Geller was born in Odessa, in the Soviet Union, in