Ducati has unveiled a new cc Testastretta engine ahead of the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Italy. New Ducati Testastretta DVT V-twin engine revealed and detailed, features first ever variable valve timing (VVT) equipped in a bike engine. Ducati variable timing improves engines. Posted on 16th October, by Mark Hinchliffe. Ducati Testastretta engine.

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Though tamed down, this enlarged version delivers a claimed hp at 10, rpm and 69 pound-feet of torque at 9, rpm. With axial admission, the oil flow does not need to overcome the centrifugal force found in a radial admission layout. Hypermotard means maximum fun everywhere. After extensive technical discussions, they preferred Desmoquattro over Bipantahbecause the first could be easily cucati inside the cradle of the existing models.

Dauntless, irreverent, unheard of, the XDiavel breaches the world of cruisers with Ducati values. Sleek tailpiece lines of the Monster R grab the eyes with their sporting looks.

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Ducati Desmoquattro engine

At rpm the torque is 59 lb-ft and remains consistently above 74 lb-ft between and rpm. Ducati Monster engine close-up. The Ducati Testastretta DVT is the ducait motorcycle engine with variable valve timing of both the intake and exhaust camshafts. The new Panigale V4 R embodies the maximum expression of Ducati values: The Ducati was designed by Pierre Terblanche, amid much controversy and criticism relating to the styling.

Ducati variable timing improves engines – Motorbike Writer

The full Ducati press release is reprinted below for your edification. The 1,rpm range separating the power peaks is a sign of good flexibility, in line with the egnine of the Monster and Hypermotard. The vertical head of the Monster with its two additional bosses. Raised on two wheels in the deserts of Nevada, the newest addition to the MotoUSA crew has been part of the industry for well over 15 years.

The secondary air enters the combustion chamber through the port of the left inlet valve. Castiglioni brothers from Cagiva bought Ducati in May and decided to start new testastretat in order to compete with Japanese firms. The design is aimed at meeting anti-pollution limits to be introduced.


In the Ducati appeared, and only lasted for one season. Despite its more generous dimensioning, the new crankshaft, complete with its main bearings, weighs This was also the introduction of liquid cooling and computerised fuel injection to the V-twin range.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Ducati’s Desmo 8-Valve Testastretta Engine | Cycle World

Choose your country or region. Creative, youthful and spirited, the new Ducati Scrambler is more than just a motorcycle, it is a new brand that enhances creativity, self-expression and the sharing of positive emotions. Thanks to all these characteristics, the Ducati Testastretta DVT sets new standards for Ducati twin cylinder power units and introduces new, revolutionary parameters to achieve the best possible balance among maximum power, smooth delivery, low-rpm torque, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions, thus standing out as the most technologically advanced Desmodromic twin-cylinder engine on the planet.

It was retained because the other Ducati model powered by thethe Hypermotard, still uses the original trellis frame that is bolted to the bosses located on the crankcase, plus the front one and a rear upper one. At each sign of failure there were plenty of them with the Superbike racers Ducati beefed up the crankcases and the 8-valve Desmo soldiered on to grow into a cc twin with a Multistrada S D Air.

This site uses different types of cookies, including analytics and profiling cookies its own and from other sites to send you advertising in line with the preferences you have shown while online. View the discussion thread. Online Shop Contact dealer. This is the new oil pump. The SuperSport perfectly balances sport and comfort to guarantee excitement and riding pleasure. A secondary air system completes the oxidization of unburned hydrocarbons to reduce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels.

Only the front one is used to mate the engine to the trellis frame, with a 12mm bolt. The smaller bore produces a stronger case structure thanks to the thicker annular section around the main bearing seat, plus additional webbing.

In closing this window, by clicking on OK or accessing any feature within this site you are consenting to the use of cookies. Bipantah Desmoquattro Superquadro Singles V-twins.

This translates into enfine less pulsating axial load dumped by the flexing crankshaft to the crankcase. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ducati motorcycle engines. The new Hypermotard SP is designed with sleek lines and surfaces: Each spark plug is managed independently, to optimise efficiency throughout the rev range and in all conditions of use.


In enginr, the company introduced the Ducati model designed by Massimo Tamburini, with striking new bodywork that had aggressive lines, under-seat exhausts, and a single-sided swingarm. The addition of secondary air translated into a significantly improved combustion in those specific conditions.

The new retains the basic character and layout of the original members of the family, but looks neater, refined and more rational in the design of ancillaries such as the belt covers, which feature a net-protected air intake to keep the operating temps of the belt under control.

The little pocket under the sparkplug reminds me of the 6. Time to reconceive the heights of performance and technology and rewrite the rules of adventure. Equal parts writer, photographer, and rider, “JDawg” is a jack of all trades and even a master of some. The dream of riding a Ducati. The DVT system varies the oil pressure in chambers inside of an external housing affixed to cam belt pulleys to adjust the camshaft timing via an internal mechanism attached to the camshafts.

Fabio Taglioni, the designer of earlier Ducati v-twinshad experimented with four-valve heads, but stuck to his degree included valve angle, not realizing that a much lower included valve angle was needed for the benefits of the layout to become apparent. The variable timing system is able to continuously adjust valve timing, by acting independently on both the intake and exhaust camshafts. Mondo Ducati in Italian nr.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS: Ducati’s 821 Testastretta Engine

From the GTV, Taglioni drew on basic experience that would change his very conservative approach to crank assembly design—the plain bearings and related forged one-piece crankshaft and cap-type rods were the optimal solution to solve the dramatic problem of multiple failures of the traditional pressed together crankshafts turning on ball and needle bearings.

Each plug is managed independently to optimize efficiency in all conditions. The new Hypermotard is the perfect choice both for moving in traffic and having fun outside the city. Skip to main content.