I’ve been looking for something to read eBooks with, and I decided to use DSLibris. I have had no trouble at all using the Tidy online converter. Dslibris supports EPUB format files encoded in UTF Calibre is available for converting a plethora of formats, including PDF, to EPUB. I have ds libris installed. I have been able to download a few free books and convert them to xhtml no problem. I can get books from the library.

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In some cases the paragraphs will still be correct. DSlibris weidmaoMay 19,sdlibris forum: Hebrew and Arabic need to be put on the fix list.

Sometimes i get the red and white error screen, and sometimes it will open the book, but no pages to read. I try to run tidy on the required file by typing in the comand above and it seemed to run loads of text scrolled very quickly anyway!

dslibris: Preparing books for reading

Your name or email address: Any help would be greatly appreciated. I hope this dsilbris people who were having problems exported pdf files. This is 1, kb. I have a nintendo ds.

In their help pages it states To transfer a library item to another authorized computer: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Fedora users should look in apt. I’ve downloaded Tidy, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I do try though.


Reading a well-formatted xhtml sideways feels like, and is convenient as reading a real book. Am I doing something wrong? This was my solution with a pdf.

DS libris | RomUlation

The exception may be tagged PDF, which can be reflowed. Alright, here’s the deal. This site uses cookies.

Anyone else have this problem? There is a limit on number of books. I need to get past the digital lock put on the book. I converted some books to. DSLibris Hide similar threads. All monitors have a fixed width, dslibrks words have to be wrapped when that width runs out.

The exported file works perfectly well for me in dslibris. I also deleted all the new page characters shown as a horizontal line in the ultraedit.

The best guide I found was from Arishon at Moonbooks which is currently down. Dslibrks somebody has some experience with tagged PDF, you could try and see what you can come up with and share it. Just another vote for. Log in or Sign up.

Microsoft provides tools for creating Dsljbris files but not for decoding them, at least not for people without a special arrangement with them, perhaps.


When I open the homebrewit loads for a while then it shows: I suspect that Microsoft Word would work too. Is there relief in sight? Through the magic of cached pages, this is what I could salvaged: Anyone else getting weird gaps in the text every 2 lines or so? The links are in the article. Kijof, how did you export to xhtml in UTF-8 using Abiword?

Re: Using Tidy for DSlibris

I have been trying for weeks now to convert my files for this program. There are efforts afoot to provide Gutenberg texts in ePub format, and Feedbooks provides ePub material. EPUB is now supported. I cannot load the adobe program onto the SD card and have it work – well, I tried, but it didn’t work.

No, create an account now. MartyPoppinsFeet Aug 28, I don’t have Word at the moment. Search titles only Posted by Member: All I need to know is how to convert from. Cool Packages… i just got a question to ask.

A bit long but it worked!!: This site uses cookies. I tried typing it into tidy.