“Coupland writes a sparkling sentence and a mean epigram.”—Entertainment Weekly “Coupland has crafted a formidable pop style that hooks up dead-on. Liz Dunn is fat, lonely and has no friends. That sounds harsh, but Coupland faces unpleasant facts head on in this poignant, funny, intrepidly offbeat new novel. Emily Nussbaum reviews book Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland; drawing (M ).

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I don’t know if that’s a sign of age mine, since Generation X and Generation A are around 20 years apart and feel largely the same or whether it’s the books which are the issue.

However, I’d say pick three of his and leave it at that. Eleanor Rigby still makes the ride amusing.

ELEANOR RIGBY by Douglas Coupland | Kirkus Reviews

Extremely funny yet quite moving and even plausible: This story is so captivating and interesting and my favorite so far. The book is a little disjointed and it takes some really odd turns like when she takes her lucky meteor with her to Germa Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland is the story of a lonely woman – as she reminds us about 16 times per page – who is home for a week recuperating from having her wisdom teeth removed, when she gets a call from the hospital.

He eventually reconnects with Liz after finding her and registers her as his next of kin for emergencies.


Jul 25, D rated it really liked it. That’s quite charming in most cases, but I just don’t follow it here. Just as Liz makes a quiet decision to seek peace in her life rather than certainty, along comes another comet, in the form of a young man admitted to the local hospital with her name and number inscribed on his Medic Alert bracelet: Retrieved from ” https: Preview — Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland.

People experience loss and sadness and death, but by the end of the book, something has changed for the better. The first part of the novel, narrated by Liz, jumps between these two moments, constantly reminding the reader that these are moments in the past.

Amazing grace

Liz Dunn is lonely. It’s tragic and also very real. This sounds macabre, but how many of us quietly do this — treat our lives like time-coded dairy products on the fridge’s middle shelf, silently fermenting beside a doomed bag of lettuce? Dialogue rolls off the page in crisp sound bytes packed with wry humor and witty banter.

Everything shocks and nothing brings solace. And the story threw xoupland Liz Dunn is 42, fat, douuglas and lonely. I find it interesting that there is never any tension between these two. His work to date has represented the state of young adulthood in the multi-corporate world as a fusion of brand-name nostalgia and melancholy mourning. His references to things, places and events work together to create an incredibly strong sense of time and place.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And here’s where I made a leap. Having tasted life ocupland another person, she is unwilling to return to her bleak existence, but unsure how to move forward.


While I admire that the book doesn’t soft peddle this, and Coupland is an author who’s work I have enjoyed from Microserfs does try to dougkas us a realistic portrait here, it still gives us an artificial contrived “happy ending” that I did feel takes away from the book getting there.

His work is by turns haunting, funny, heartbreaking and irreverent. I picked this book up used, it’s dust jacket missing. Take the relationship between Liz and Jeremy for example.

And if I look back on my past, I wreck that too, by concentrating on all the things I did wrong. Since then he has published nine novels and several non-fiction books in 35 languages and most countries on earth.

Eleanor Rigby by Douglas Coupland

Nel complesso una storia di evoluzione personale che nonostante la trama e il finale riesce ad evitare del tutto la svenevolezza grazie ad una profondissima e dolentissima tristezza che risulta piuttosto affascinante. Read any more and you’ll ruin it for yourself. I was hooked from the first page to the very last word.