The latest Tweets from Dave Raggett (@draggett). I am a part of the W3C Team and the champion for the Web of Things. I have been involved with many core. Member of staff at W3C’s European host, Dave has long been involved with the development of Web technology standards. – draggett. Dave Raggett. Updated: 09/15/ by Computer Hope. Dave Raggett Name: Dave Raggett. Born: June 8,

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Raggwtt turned out to be very challenging to add support for speech recognition, and would in any case only work with Firefox, while the proxy server would work with any modern web browser. This is my home page where you can learn about my interests, achievements and how to contact me.

This would have huge benefits, for instance, much smarter ways of searching for information, and more flexible user interfaces to applications. In Weaving the Web: This work is still at an early stage, but aims to weave together ideas for visual, aural and tactile interaction with the Web, offering users the means to choose whether to use their eyes or ears, and fingers or speech as appropriate to the context in which they find themselves.

A key ingredient in this, is the means to formally specify a document profile that defines what tag sets can be used together, what image formats, the level of style sheet support, which scripting libraries can be used etc.

Dave Raggett | W3C Blog

It also makes it feasible to provide transformation tools for converting content from one profile to another. Retrieved 9 June W3C is seeking to unlock the potential of the Internet of Things and reduce its fragmentation.


I am exploring techniques for combining statistical natural language processing, ragegtt Semantic Web and computational models from raggtt science. This has included appearing as a factual witness in a US Federal court.

InI developed a proposed extension to HTML together with an implementation as a cross browser library XForms Transitional that provides spreadsheet-like capabilities without the need for scripting.

This has taken a long time to develop but is now nearing completion.

My current roles are as follows:. Retrieved 17 June The primary initial market is for replacing the current generation of touch-tone voice menuing systems, so common these days when you call up companies.

The project is funded by the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. I plan to work on an open source broad coverage statistical natural language processor for parsing and generation, and a relevancy-based inference system for natural language semantics.

This led to the setting up of a Voice Browser activity and a working group to develop related standards. The first day is devoted to workshops and the second to plenary sessions. Retrieved 26 September He created a browser called Arena. Studies show that corporate websites are for the most part not designed for their usability on smart phones.

He lives in the west of England. Retrieved 26 August I enjoy working in teams, whether locally or remotely, and helping to build consensus, as well as influencing the timing and direction of work as part of corporate objectives. The following year, as a software developer in Hewlett-Packard’s Office Productivity Division, he worked on remote printing solutions.

For example, simple declarative expressions for calculated fields, a richer set of intrinsic data types including numbers, dates and times, simple ways to specify validation constraints, the ability to determine when a field must be filled out based upon the values of other fields, and similarly when a field or group of fields are irrelevant and can be hidden from view, and a simple means to support repeating sets of fields. Tidy is W3C open source and available free.


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Finding ways to bring people to consensus. I am married with a son and a daughter, and live in Bradford on Avon, near Bath in the west of England.

The result is expressed in XML and allows you to write definitions that extend earlier ones, but without raggeett need to modify the definitions they extend. Sadly this book is now out of print.

Curriculum Vitae/Resume for Dave Raggett

Whilst I was working for HP Labs I developed a voice browser together with a student Guillaume Belrose to test out ideas for using context free grammars for more flexible voice interaction dialogs. Meanwhile, China plans to boost its trillion dollar digital economy to drive job creation in […] More…. Openwave had experience with VoiceXML for unified messaging. Retrieved 2 March In essence, we would like to improve the end user experience and give users greater freedom in how […] More….

The approach also offers single-signon and opportunities for supporting micropayments as value added features for participating websites.

Sadly this book too is now out of print. I am married with a son and a daughter, and used to frequent travel. That talk also describes my ideas for richer mechanisms to support raggstt meetings, and for recording and playback of presentations along with the speaker’s voice building upon HTML Slidy.