aBsTRacT. INTRODUCTION: The Constant Score (CS), developed as a . centimetre “paper” visual scale both for pain and for .. Constant CR, Murley AHG. Home / Free online Constant Shoulder Score calculator The Constant-Murley score contains both physician-completed and patient-reported portions. The four . : Datum: Constant-Murley Scale. Schoudergewricht. Datum. ______. ______. ______. Pijn. – geen. – mild. ______.

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The administered intervention is an important factor in the evolution of any pathology [ 35 ]. Results The systematic literature search identified unique titles, of those were excluded, for not being related to the studied topic.

Within this attribute, content validity was the worse evaluated aspect in all groups.

External rotation is based on murle unassisted hand manoeuvers, assigned 2 points each: The rest were excluded for being secondary research articles, case studies, study protocols, commentaries, animal and cadaveric and no shoulder related studies. Your email address will not be published. Articles written in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian were included in the evaluation stage.

After the latest recommendations [ 13 ], the modified CMS version i. Each pair of evaluators reviewed between 1 i. The evaluating measures of patient reported outcomes EMPRO tool was created for evaluating the psychometric properties of patient reported outcomes PRO contant 17 ].

Traumatic or non-traumatic shoulder instability; recurrent luxation recurrent dislocation. The evidence was grouped according to the type of shoulder diagnosis. Can we improve the reliability of the Constant—Murley score?


Constant Shoulder Score – Orthopaedic Scores

An attribute and an overall score were derived per pathology. Open in a separate window. Reliability was overall the second best scored quality, with reproducibility being more frequently and adequately presented than internal consistency. Even in larger groups of patients makes this method a better comparison of the functional results than the Constant-Murley score reference parameters out of healthy age and gender related control groups.

A systematic review of the psychometric properties of the Constant—Murley score. Five individual pathologies i. Others have questioned its application to certain shoulder pathologies [ 578 ]; differences according to age and sex have been observed [ 910 ] and lack of standardization in measuring the strength component has been criticized [ 1112 ].

Constant-Murley Shoulder Outcome Score

General shoulder review articles were not given to the evaluators, but were read and their references hand searched by the previous two authors. Despite its wide acceptance and frequent use, certain concerns related to the suitability of the Constznt scale have been raised over the years. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

A tool for the standardized assessment of patient-reported outcome measures. Responsiveness to change was the only quality to obtain at least 50 points across all groups, but for frozen shoulder. Impingement syndrome rotator cuff deficiencies; bursitis tendinitis, tendinosis of the shoulder calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.


On the other ,urley, reproducibility scores were noticeably higher. Finally, a score modification, adjusting for age and sex was proposed [ 13 ]. It requires the involvement of expert evaluators and offers standardized and comparable results. For these reasons, the two burden attributes were evaluated per pathology group.

Free online Constant Shoulder Score calculator – orthotoolkit

The score consists of four variables that are used to assess the function of the shoulder. Lack of item response theory IRT information penalized reproducibility evaluations.

The subjective components can receive up to 35 points and the objective 65, resulting in a possible maximum total score of points best function.

The objective Variables [Maximum Score — 65].

The current results will offer clinicians and researchers more insight on the CMS psychometric properties, allowing for the latter to be compared between different diagnostic groups. Various pathologies reached The measurement should be pain free. Get more on Musculoskeletal Health in your inbox Subscribe to our Newsletter and get updates delivered to your email inbox. If you believe that this Physiopedia article is the primary source for the information you are refering to, you can use the button below costant access a related citation statement.

Evaluation of shoulder-specific constatn outcome measures: