Using Cicero’s letters to his good friend Atticus, among other sources, Everitt recreates the fascinating world of political intrigue, sexual. Cicero by Anthony Everitt, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In the introduction to Cicero, author Anthony Everitt laments the Perhaps the greatest measure of the success of Everitt’s book—as much a.

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Cicero January 3, B. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. One of the sharpest political debates of the first century BC centred as it often has since in other political regimes on the nature of the emergency powers decree. An adequate biography, a good companion to Imperium by Robert Harris but to counter any inherent hagiography, don’t skip Michael Parenti and his anti-classicist The Assassination Of Julius Caesar: A definitive evwritt of Cicero, spanning his earliest years to slightly after his untimely end.

Cicero : Anthony Everitt :

Page 1 of veeritt Start over Page 1 of 1. That said, I still learned a lot about the Roman Republic from this book and walked away amazed about the book’s namesake and the everiyt he lived in. Cicero, by way of cont The fundamental difficulty of writing a life of Cicero is that he’s not the most interesting person in the story by a long shot. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Write a customer review.

Cicero’s final drama was a favorite subject of ancient historians, who on the whole were rather cool in their assessments. Aug 25, Mat Domaradzki rated it liked it.

CICERO: The Life and Times of Rome’s Greatest Politician

Mar 15, Brian rated it really liked it. My only real gripe is that Everitt doesn’t manage to make I’m not sure if this book fully owns its four stars, but whevsies I’m sure Cicero would appreciate that genius turn of phrase. It’s just that the analysis at ciero end has a systematic bias that’s cidero to take seriously. For scholars of the Enlightenment, his philosophical treatises were a beacon of rationality. In an age where every politician wanted to be a warrior, Cicero makes a name for himself in the Forum as an orator and advocate instead of commander of legions.


With this set of circumstances, his life was doomed, and he was killed in 43 B. This book made me want to learn more about the history of Rome and all of the figures involved. Everitt combines a classical education with practical expertise. Over the holiday break I kept starting and putting down On Duties by Cicero. What is Cicero’s significance to us today? As was customary, his head and severed hands were later nailed to the Speaker’s Platform and it is said that a vindictive noblewoman with a grudge named Pomponia pierced his dead tongue with hatpins.

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But Cicero quickly fled the scene. He makes everything come alive in a way that has gotten me hankering to tackle anything else that’s going to give me the same primal, political fury and grandeur I got from these pages. Not as great as Augustus everity still pretty great.

To us, the cixero of this period have a slight Keystone Kops quality, with the warring parties brawling like saloon toughs in the Forum and frequently burning down the Senate House, but the consequences of such commotions were momentous — they affected an empire that ruled million people, or a quarter of the world’s known population at the time.

Oct 15, Nicolas Levy rated it liked it.

He is a visiting professor in the performing and visual arts at Nottingham Trent University. It was a reminder of a better, simpler time. Jun 18, Sheryl rated it really liked it. That one already started with more detail than I saw in Cicero, so I have high hopes… Brilliant, voluble, cranky, a genius of political manipulation but also a true patriot and idealist, Cicero was Rome’s most feared politician, one of the greatest lawyers and statesmen of all times.


The weakness of this biography is while Everitt might be aiming at a form of historical rehabilitation, I’m not sure Cicero was ever really in need of rehabilitation. But compared to the relative chaos that was Ancient Rome, he stands almost as a beacon.

Cicero’s life he was born in B. Eloquence was not something suspicious to them, as it often is with Americans. Everitt deftly shows how Cicero used his oratorical skills to argue circles around his opponents. I’ve written this, but I told my Italian friend if she likes Cicero – I found him a very interesting character while reading Imperium and Lustrum, his wittiness and a punch in the gut speeches kept you reading – but she said Cicero made high school history class so irritating because students have to learn about his super long speeches.

Everitt provides a good historical guide to the complex times in which Cicero lived, starting with a primer on the governmental structure of the Roman Republic, explaining the political turmoil that ran through much of Cicero’s life culminating in the assassination of Julius Caesar and the civil war that followedand showing how this “new man,” through his talent for thinking and speaking, became one of the key figures in Roman politics in the waning days of the Republic.

There was lustre, too, in the fact that Roman critics almost universally believed that Cicero had died an exemplary death. For, despite all of Cicero’s oratorical conniving, military force — not to mention the force of outsize personalities demented with ambition — had brought years of Roman democracy to an end.