The Cyberiad (Polish: Cyberiada) is a series of humorous science fiction short stories by Polish writer Stanisław Lem, originally published in , with an. Ciberiada by Stanislaw Lem, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Ciberiada de Stanislaw Lem. 4 likes. Book. Ciberiada de Stanislaw Lem. Privacy · Terms. About. Ciberiada de Stanislaw Lem. Book. 4 people like this topic.

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Kudos to whoever did this translation. The stories focus on problems of the individual and society, as well as on the vain search for human happiness through technological means.

Ciberiada – Stanislaw Lem – Google Books

The Laws of Thermodynamics: Stories have conflict AND resolution. And the word play and narrative structure is really brilliant.

I’ll grant thee random access to my heart, Thou’lt tell me all the constants of thy love; And so we two shall all love’s lemmas prove, And in bound partition never part. It is a extremely funny and satiric book,but also serious deep in almost all branches of philosophy,transhumanism and physics. Klapacius then orders the machine to make Nothing, and the valiant constructors must act quickly to save the universe.

Maybe it was better in the original Polish version and got lost somewhere in the translation. The two face a dilemma: One of the most brilliant pieces of translation I’ve ever come across.

The universe of The Cyberiad is pseudo- medieval. Articles lacking in-text citations from December All articles lacking in-text citations Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing Polish-language text.

May 11, Gabriella rated it it was ok Shelves: Other long tale touch subjects as the existence of God or themans creating robots and robots creating mans in a infinite loop. He creates hundreds of miniature worlds on microscope slides i. Note that the last section of the story, does not appear in Michael Kandel ‘s English translation of The Cyberiadand neither does in Italian translation.


This translation is fantastic. When Trurl and Klapaucius visit them, they are drafted by the Ministry of Felicity and made to smile, sing, and otherwise be happy, in fixed ranks with other inhabitants. In addition, I’ve got to say this is one of the most phenomenal pieces of translation I’ve come across in a long, long time.

The fact of the matter is, the short story is fundamentally flawed and, as such, extremely difficult to write well. For those readers that have read The Neverending Story, picture the story telling style contained within that book the randomness and seeming inexhaustible supply of non sequiturs and incidental information in a science fiction setting written by Douglas Adams on acid.

Do androids dream of electric fairytale tellers? But on to the text.

Ciberiada : Stanislaw Lem :

But the best stuff was all the philosophy and literary in-jokes that just escalated to the more and more ridiculous and which also made me super impressed at the quality of the translation.

Two competing robots Trurl and Klaupacius who try to out-invent each other, create some of the most wild constructs that anyone could ever imagine. Now everyone could see the beast clearly — though it wasn’t clear at all, but looked a little like a hill, rather large, fairly long, its color much like its surroundings, a clump of dried-up weeds. Still one of the funniest books I have ever read.

Another masterwork of this brilliant writter. With this co-exist space travelextremely advanced technology made by the Constructors and futuristic weapons and devices used or mentioned on occasion. Such a thing wouldn’t work at all with this sort of book. It immediately becomes obvious to the princess who is the “muddier” one, but the “paleface” turns out to be too squishy and overall disgusting.


Short form SciFi at it’s best. He didn’t say explicitly it was an inspiration, but I noticed a certain flavor to the stories reminiscent of the show.

It whispers of a more ergodic zone In Riemann, Hilbert, or in Banach space Let superscripts and subscripts go their ways Our asymptotes no longer out of phase, We shall encounter, counting, face to face. For instance, having dropped some millions of wish-fulfilling devices on a planet, they saw it blow up in a matter of hours. I’m not quite sure what people see in this book. A couple of Stories: The King’s huntsmen unleashed the whole pack of automated hounds mainly Saint Cybernards and Cyberman pinschers, with an occasional high-frequency terrier ; these hurled themselves, howling and slavering, at the crouching beast.

The knight and the princess live happily ever after. With all the made up words and rhyming poems etc.

Refresh and try again. The Seventh Sally was also an inspiration of the game SimCity. The love poem where all the metaphors come from the language of mathematics is nearly as good. He describes the “Demon of the First Kind” as a Maxwell’s demon. This is a unique book. The stories are very good some are brilliantbut I believe they work better in small doses rather than one after the other.

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The Cyberiad

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Each journey is a short story that stands alone, yet the whole collection is a complete consistent work.

And herein lies half the problem. So I had no expectations at all, which is a nice way to read a book.

It’s hard to over-recommend this wonderful work.