Bombshell has ratings and reviews. Kat said: Catherine Coulter always writes a well-paced crime thriller. This book, like others in the series. In bestseller Coulter’s captivating 17th FBI novel (after ‘s Backfire), FBI agent Griffin Hammersmith learns on his way to a new assignment. The number 1 New York Times–bestselling author is back with an electrifying new entry in the FBI series featuring Savich and Sherlock. FBI.

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Too many different characters say, “Let me tell you. Both are good procedurals and will keep your interest. Please provide an email address. Griffin rushes to his sister’s side at the hospital and discovers that she can’t remember anything about what happened to her.

Bombshell centers around 2 main cases: It gets a solid 2 because its still better than the Tax Code and it did two things that I appreciated: I hope her previous novels are better. My other main problem with this book was the misuse of technology. I won this print from Goodreads and agreed to give it an honest review.


Code Red means fire. You can watch the characters grow and change and still get the thrill and bombshelll of the author’s writing genre and style at the same time. I have to say this was one of her better books in the series. She’d probably shatter the Breathalyzer. Delsey has always be I won this print from Goodreads and agreed to give it an honest review.


Bombshell by Catherine Coulter | : Books

Jul 10, Dotti Elrick rated it really liked it. What happened to the phone confiscated during the interrogation? Hayman in charge of the prestigious music school, he was also an internationally celebrated concert pianist, with a libido, she’d read in a critic’s review, to rival his glissandos.

Awesome book keeps you on your toes? Karen Catherine Coulter books always keep you on your toes. As I said, interesting but not a great story.

Because the big cheese director of Stanislaus was treating you like his favorite student, making you his special margarita recipe, that’s why, and you were flattered, too.

He has been asked to do some teaching at Stanislaus by his twin brother, Dr. Lots of twists, turns, a ton of characters to keep straight, one or two “I didn’t see that coming”, stuff that blows up and some very terrible characters and sub-characters and some cou,ter despicable characters.

I guess I am in the minority, but I was disappointed with this book. This book starts out slowly, with lots of information gathering. I think the hard copy version would have held my interest better.

But it’s all vital to the outcome. Coulter’s pacing and storytelling is always topnotch and I always enjoy seeing how Savich and Sherlock will untangle the latest mess! Why doesn’t the author consider that a public monument like the Lincoln Memorial surely must have many many security cams, and I would hope, a 24 hour security detail?


Griffin Hammersmith is on his way to D. There’s overlap bombdhell the two plotlines as Griffin and Savich communicate and Bombsjell sister ends up staying with Savich. She had always been a trouble magnet. I would suggest reading The Cove, and The Maze, the first two books in this series before you read this one.

Bombshell (FBI Thriller, #17) by Catherine Coulter

God Shoot me now! It felt like Ms.

I already know when I am in a reading hump, I will pick up the next one in the series May 05, Bryn rated it liked it. When she wakes up in the hospital, she remembers there was a dead man in her bathtub and two Hispanic young men were there as well. He knows there is something more to her than just a struggling student and waitress. Well, from being out alone and drunk in the boondocks of Virginia in the middle of the night, that’s where.

Story line was not very interesting.

FBI Thriller 1 – 10 of 23 books. Meanwhile, back in D. Her brother is wondering what she stumbled into this time.