Bruce Sterling has called his Shaper/Mechanist novel Schismatrix “my favorite among my books.” It is a detailed history of a spacefaring humanity divided into. Schismatrix [Bruce Sterling] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shaper-trained Abelard Lindsay, a failed and exiled revolutionary against . It’s been about twenty years since I first read Sterling’s Schismatrix. At the time, I Bruce Sterling’s “Schismatrix” through the lens of cyberpunk.

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Commodity fetichism doesn’t even begin to describe this. Schismatrix is a wild, ideas-a-sentence ride, a frighteningly vivid look at three hundred years in the future.

Constantine has in the meantime overthrown the Corporate Republic’s government. In fact, it can be a bit exhausting.

Some of the clearest representations of posthumans make them an extreme other: Jul 01, Paco Nathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Schismatrix most assuredly deserves its place in the pantheon of science-fiction classics. This is a good science fiction novel, but it is very heavy and in the end I appreciated the short stories in the back better than the actual Schismatrix part.


But the investment is absolutely worth it. Lindsay joins a ship called the Red Consensuswhich doubles as the nation-state of the Fortuna Miners’ Democracyafter the failure of the previously independent asteroid mining Mechanist cartel. Across the galaxy, Lindsay moves from world to world, building empires, struggling for his cause–but more often fighting for his life.

It’s not the happiest idea about how humankind will evolve moving forward, but it’s a good book nonetheless. In both cases there is at least one tongue-lolling, brain boiling, oh-wow SF concept worked into the story in every paragraph.

Schismatrix – Wikipedia

These short stories were enjoyable- especially Swarm which brought to mind Peter Watt’s excellent Blindsight in its treatment of a bizarre alien hive intelligence perhaps even more chilling than the Scramblers. He is interested in how the schismwtrix emerges in science fiction and fantasy studies, as well as in how analog-and-digital game studies are emerging as new fields that describe complex modes of cultural production.

It had everything cyberpunk is supposed to have and I can finally see why he is viewed as a godfather of this genre. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read this book, bought this book and the number of times I’ve loaned it to people.

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And a cockroach tequila for Steve. It has enough strengths though.

Sterling, one of the founders of “Cyberpunk” is an impression of a universe where, like ours, hard heads and stubbornness prevail, and where two opposing ideologies butt heads like two rams during mating season. In between, the story was essentially futuristic intrigue.

Schismatrix and the Posthuman: Hyper-embodied Representation |

This is not confusing in a modernist stream-of-consciousnessness Joycean sort of way; it’s just confusing in that the information and exposition are delivered so quickly, in so few words, you may have to reread several paragraphs numerous times before the facts finally “click.

The book is termed a cyberpunk novel, although it is not about the seemingly constitutive element of the genre, cyberspace. But as it turns out, it’s bourgeois property relations which end up transcending the material conditions that sustained them. I made it through this time, and eventually it grew on me–especially the diverse, colorful, textured short stories following the strange decades-hopping Schismatrix novel.

In ten or twelve short stories, Sterling maps out a hilariously plausible future history that’s entirely within the realm of the possible while it carves out the absurdity of the present. Today, those boundaries are set by ethnicity, religion, geo-politics, and culture. Feb 28, Adam Shand rated it it was amazing.

Our This has got me scratching my head at the definition of cyberpunk. This and a couple of sho I had written Bruce Sterling off as a relic of the cyberpunk era, big mistake. Jun 02, Adam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Getting beyond such categories, yet not retreating to traditional myth, has been a daunting challenge for modern science, one addressed by numerous SF writers, as well as in the text often considered the first true SF novel: In the last decade, Sterling has emerged a pioneer of crucial, cutting-edge science fiction.

Michael Bruce Sterling is an American science fiction author, best known for his novels and his seminal work on the Mirrorshades anthology, which helped define the cyberpunk genre. The recent emergence of modern SF has garnered much critical attention in the academy, yet even vetted SF is best viewed as a subset of the fantastic that formed with the science romances of Edgar Allan Poe, H. University of Minnesota Press, I was about sixteen years old and reading it in a grungy motel on the beach in Samoa where my family stopped for a holiday in the process of moving to New Zealand.


The Earth kicked both factions out at some point in the past and is now considered interdicted by both. Now Ace Books is proud to offer Sterling’s stunning world of the Schismatrix–where Shaper revolutionaries stru Schismatrix Plus, is Bruce Sterling’s new trade paperback.

I feel like reading it like that you’d just be thrown in with names of groups and told they were conflicting major powers without really knowing what philosophy binds them or how they developed and I was also hoping to see more of that info myself. The former seeks ways out of problems with humanism, in particular, what it sees as entrenched dualisms reaching back to Cartesian philosophy.

Schismatrix is like a trying to eat a dozen colorful donuts on your own – at first a delightful enterprise but after a couple, your taste buds are worn out and it starts becoming a tad tiresome. We see its proprietor, Pongpianskul, in his office, with its cluttered papers and its imported mice, objects directly relating to a vanished past. Commodity fetichism d A bizarre absurdist bourgeois epic set in the space kindgom of the posthuman con artists.

Therefore pointless interstellar markets exist. The problem is that Schismatrix reads like a loose collection of short stories. More than just blandly stating his take on the important “where is humanity going? Sterling details in his introduction to Schismatrix Plus viithat when Prigogine was offered the stories to read he said they had nothing to do with his work.

Granted, Sterling has company in his retreat.