Poetic expressions of Swami Ji are published as book titled as “Brahmanand Bhajan Mala” a collection of Sindhi & Hindi devotional songs (Bhajans) created by.

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He used to sing bhajans in a sweet and melodious voice and his satsangs would attract numerous people.

Brahmanand BhajanMala Bhajan – Dhool Tuhinje Charnan ji Satguru ( Sindhi Bhajan)

He believed that in this age there were no more real Guru s or yogis. Ganeshmal’s power was reflected upon himself and he slithered to the ground, quite unconscious of the external world.

Bgajan Divine is hidden in our heart like scent hidden in flower which can not seen with eyes, but we can feel it. When Ganeshmal was a little older, he met some wandering yogis and from them bhaja hatha yoga kriyas [1]which he practised conscientiously. Acharya of Vedanta On the hierarchy order of saints of recent times of Prem Prakash Mandal, Acharya of Vedanta Philosophy, Swami Brahmanand Ji are placed at higher and honored destination and often entitled with Himalaya of mandal by most of other saints of panth.

Now I am a realized being and will come no more to birth. Brothers, my Guru is brah,anand me!

Swami Brahmanand

Through the misuse of these abilities he managed to injure many people and inflict grave injustices. No one will be able to resist your song. Finally, through these gifts and talents, he fell into the trap of ego and began arguing and challenging scholars only for intellectual pleasure and with the sole intention of emerging victorious. This trust is charitable organization helping common people in solving their problems in the fields of health, education brahmanxnd other social needs.

He knew that dreams are often only fantasies but, on the other hand, they can also contain deep meaning and truth. Jabu balihari tere charanakamal. This body is the structure of bones and flesh Consciousness bragmanand transmitted It’s like puppeteer plays the puppets 2. Great kingdoms, treasures and Administrators also got into the soil when death comes, and no evidence of them remains. His relatives thought that the change which had come over him was most sudden and peculiar and so he explained it with the following song:.


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And how to send him a letter? Swami Bramhanand ji describes the falsehood of the world in this hymn. Marwari Dekh nazaron se bhai Parmeshwar tere man mahi Ang ang jaise fulan me gandh samayi re R Kya Mathura kya Kashi jave Jaay himalaya kyo dukh pave Kar satsang vichar bhed satguru se payi re 1 Haad mans ka pinzar kaya Chetan kewal fire firaya Baazigar jaise putli ko nach nachayi re 2 Kastoori mrignaabh biraje Ghans dhundhta van-van bhaje Bin jane moorakh birtha bahir bhatkayi re 3 Vishyon me tu sukh ko maane Brmhanand swarup n jane Ulat surat sambhal bharam man ka mit jayi re 4 Semantics: Swami Brahmanand Ji Maharaj are strong believer of simultaneous progress of social works and spirituality hence in the year they founded Swami Basantram Sewa Trust for taking care of social welfare of mankind.

After the heavenly abode of Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj, Swami Brahmanand Ji started taking care of Ajmer ashram and helping people for progressing of spiritual path. Like musk deer keeps pursuing for odor in woods You are a fool who is roaming in outer world 3anYou are seeking comfort in worldly pleasures But don’t knows the knowledge of self It’s better to get Samadhi than Illusion will end 4.

Dooshan humaro sab dil se bisaro.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

Unfortunately country was divided into two nations in the year and like most of other Hindus Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj were also forced to shift to India. His relatives thought that the change which had come over him was most sudden and peculiar and so he explained it with the following song: So how can I get to meet him?

Karma Yogi, Sri Mangilalji Maheshwari. On waking he sat thinking, trying to make sense of the strange dream. Only the Divine and Holy name of God is above of all and that is immortal.

Swami Brahmanand Maharaj – The Master of Music

Nevertheless he maintained his devotion to Lord Krishna and often wept in secret at his separation from God as one spouse weeps for the other who is gone. Sri Swami Madhavananda Hospital. Listen to my prayersoh Lord! I am yours, please put ur glance over me. Listen to my prayers, oh Lord! Ganeshmalji had relatives in the Pali district in the village of Pilauni and he went there on one occasion to pay them a visit. It was full of sin, deluded, preoccupied. At that time Mahaprabhuji was staying in Shivbagh Ashram in Bola Guda, which was only about ten kilometres away.


Remembering his sins swamiji says that he did not remember of God even for a moment and destroyed all the time in bliss and luxury. Swami Brahmanand Swami Brahmanand: I salute you, OM, immortal Guru Deep! I have met this Divine Master in previous times But I didn’t recognise him, Full of problems, I was asleep in ignorance. Then the food becomes holy prasad [3] and transmits love to those who eat it. Born on 14 July at small village Khandu [presently part of Sindh in Pakistan] as the son of Jhimibai and Vasandmal, swami ji were given [by the parents, this was tradition in those days that people were offering one of their child for the saints and darbars] in the service of Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj at the age of just ten years only.

Bade bade raja aru raani desh khazane hukum diwani Bhoomi me mil gaya rahya nahi ek ishara re 1 Arjun Bheem Karn se bhaare shoorveer ran garjan haare Kaal bali se hare sabhi parlok sidhara re 2 Pandit yogi jan ghanere roopvant gunigan bahutere Apni gaay bajaay gaye jag din me chara re 3 Dhan jovan gun thir nahi koi bramhanand nash sab Hoyi parmeshwar ka naam sumar sabse ho nyara re 4. Mujhe lijiye bachayi nij kar se 3. Awakening and activating the other chakras results in higher states of consciousness.

Reverence to my Gurudev Sri Deep Dayal. Mahaprabhuji touched his arm.