Birsa Movement was led by Birsa Munda in areas of modern Bihar and Jharkhand The Mundas were the frustrated tribal people who resorted. Though he lived a short span of life, Birsa Munda is known to have In recognition of his impact on the nationals movement, the state of. Birsa Munda National Institute of Tribal Research, Rourkela Birsa Munda is an outstanding representative of one such movement in late 19th century in.

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He was a visionary who played a crucial role in liberation of his community, the tribal people, who were exposed to persistent dominance by the British exploitative policies and atrocities. He was nabbed while asleep at Jamkopai forest in Chakradharpur on March 3, He came in contact with a pracharak who visited a few families in the village which had been converted to Christianity and attacked the old Munda order. Birsa’s claim to be a messenger of God and the founder of a new religion sounded preposterous to the missionaries.

He apostatized to the Roman Catholics and remained with them for a little while before lapsing into hearthenism. Birsa’s father, mother Karmi Hatu, [7] and younger brother, Pasna Munda, left Ulihatu and proceeded to Kurumbda, near Birbanki, in search of employment as labourers sajhedari or crop-sharers ryots. He adopted the sacred thread, worshipped the tulsi plants.

The necessity to fight against it, to organise the people is the war cry today. On his release he organised several meetings, declaring that the Mundas should put an end to the kingdom of demons the British. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


He criticized Dr Nottrott and the missionaries in trenchant terms. At Kurmbda, Birsa’s elder brother, Komta, and his sister, Daskir, were born.

Folk songs relating to his birth seek to embroider the event with the Biblical parallels: Severe cases were put on him, and others.

Who was Birsa Munda? | Who Is News, The Indian Express

That is why he recruited volunteers to fight the British Government. Today, in this centenary year of Birsa Munda, the people of India hail the great revolutionary traditions, of this heroic martyr, and pledge to continue that anti-feudal, anti-imperialist struggle, for the cause that was left incomplete. He emerged as a successful leader and revolted against the dual challenge of agrarian breakdown and culture change. One of the lesser-known aspects of our fight against British rule is that tribal uprisings constituted an important part of the defiance of the colonial regime.

As he was sharp in studies, Jaipal Nag recommended him to join German Mission School but, movemebt to Munds was compulsory to join the school and Birsa was thus forced to convert as a Christian and renamed as Birsa David, which later became as Birsa Daud. Folklore refers to his rolling and playing in sand and dust with his friends, and his growing up strong and handsome in looks; he grazed sheep in the forest of Bohonda.

He announced the reign of Munda Raj had begun. Eventually this led to loosing their land to the merchants and moneylenders. This led to alien of their lands.


He read about Ramyana Mahabharata and other Hindu books.

In some villages they had completely lost their proprietary rights, and had been reduced to the position of farm labourers.

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He spent two years in jail. Folklore refers to his rolling and playing in sand and dust with his friends, and his growing up strong and handsome in looks; he grazed sheep in the forest of Bohonda.

The Mundas, Oraons, and Kharias flocked to Chalkad to see the new prophet and to be cured of there ills. A Munda woman Sali companied long time who was instrumental in organizing the women mhnda this movement. He now went underground. The influence of Christianity shaped his own religion.

Who was Birsa Munda?

Skip to main content. Birsa Munda was son of Sugna Munda. At Ayubhatu Birsa lived for two years. People say, actually Birsa was buried under the bridge In there was no bridge. Not only were attacks launched on the moneylender-landlord-mahajan-contractor combine, but directly against the British. He was arrested on 3 March in Jamkopai forest, Chakradharpurwhile he was sleeping, along with his tribal guerrilla army, which was fighting against British forces.