The Text History of the Bibliotheca of. Pseudo-Apollodorus. AUBREY DILLER. The references in the Scholia Minora on the Iliad are only apparent. The work is. Attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. BCE), but probably composed in the first or second century BCE, The Library provides a grand summary of. The Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus, perhaps the best-known mythographic text, stands out for its comprehensive aim and state of preservation.

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The subject was a favourite theme in ancient art. Ilus, following a cow, founds Troy and receives the Palladium. Now Jason loved husbandry and therefore abode in the country, but he hastened to the sacrifice, and in crossing the river Anaurushe lost a sandal in the stream and landed with only one.

The Library, Volume I — Apollodorus | Harvard University Press

It was a very good summary of the myths we needed to know! In Euboea there was shown a cave called Elarium after the mother of Tityus, and Tityus himself had a shrine where he was worshipped bivliotheca a hero Strabo, ix.

We read that, pseeudo-apollodorus the birth of Zeus’s elder brother Poseidon, his mother Rhea saved the baby in like manner by giving his father Cronus a foal bibliptheca swallow, which the deity seems to have found more digestible than the stone, for he is not said to have spat it out again Pausanias, viii.

Purchase a copy of this text not necessarily the same edition from Amazon. The twelve ten, see iv. Further than this we cannot go with any reasonable certainty in attempting to date the work. When Pelias saw him, he bethought him of the oracle, and going up to Jason asked him what, supposing he had the power, he would do if he had received an oracle that he should be murdered by one of the citizens. Worshippers of Artemis strictly abstained from eating the bird ; bibliothecs reason of the abstention was known to the natives of Leros, one of the Sporades Aelian, Psehdo-apollodorus.

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So they believed her, made mince meat of their father and boiled him. Pleuron wedded Xanthippe, daughter of Dorus, and begat a son Agenor, and daughters, Sterope and Stratonice and Laophonte.

See Diodorus Siculus, iii. The author was traditionally thought to be Apollodorus of Athensbut that attribution is now regarded as false, and so ” Pseudo- ” was added to Apollodorus.

The Library, Volume I

Origin of the Pal- ladium. Those who were called Greeks he named Hellenes after himself, and divided the country among his sons. Tithonus and the Dawn. Sky was the first who ruled over the whole world. At first the king understood not the oracle, but afterwards he apprehended it.

Aegeus, instigated by Medea, sends Theseus against the Mara- thonian bull and oflfers him a cup of poison, And at the bidding of Zeus he took up stones and threw them over his head, and the stones which Deucalion threw became men, and the stones which Pyrrha threw became women. It was almost lost in the 13th century, surviving in one now-incomplete manuscript, [7] which was copied for Cardinal Bessarion in the 15th century; the other surviving manuscripts derive from Bessarion’s copy.

In the tenth year after the rape of Helen the Greeks again assemble. He has earned the gratitude of all students,’ not only ot ApoUodorus but of Greek mythology, by his fortunate discovery of the Vatican epitome and by his careful and judicious recension of the text.

So having put in pseuod-apollodorus Lemnos, at that time ruled by women, the Argonauts had intercourse with the women, and Hypsipyle bedded with Jason and bore sons, Euneus and Nebrophonus. Aloeus wedded Iphimedia, daughter of Triops; but she fell in love with Poseidon, and often going to the sea she would draw up the waves with her hands and pour them into her lap.


When the Argonauts were already sailing past the Eridanus river, Zeus sent a furious storm upon them, and drove them out of their course, because he was angry at the murder of Apsyrtus. This Apollodorus has been mistakenly identified with Apollodorus of Athens born c.

This is the best “map” of Greek mythology I’ve come across, with Bulfinch’s Age of Fable a fairly distant second. Glaucus, son of Minos, his death and resurrection the seer Polyidusiii.

Metis would bear a biblliotheca who should be the lord of heaven. When the study of folk-lore is mofe complete and exact than at present, it may be possible to trace to their sources many rivulets of popular fiction which contributed to swell the broad and stately tide of ancient literature.

See Sextus Empiricus, ed.

Pandion’s daughters Procne and Philomela Tereusxiv. As to the fictitious heroes, see P.

The Library of Greek Mythology

And having sailed past the Thermodon and the Caucasus they came to the river Phasis, which is in the Colchian land. Thus he describes how Her- cules traversed Italy with the cattle of Geryon from Liguria in the north to Rhegium in the souths and how from Rhegium he crossed the straits to Sicily.

The eternal sleep of Endymion was proverbial. Feb 08, Nathan Jerpe rated it really liked it Shelves: