When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. All Can anyone tell me ke MOJZA BIBI FATIMA ka haqeeqat se koi taluq hai ke nahi ek risala type ka hai aur mai ne dekha hai aurton ko ke.

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Sign in Already have an account? Seepahee wahan gia to kia daikhta hai kay jahan per larkiyoon kay baap ka mahal that wahaan maidaan hai aur ussi maidaan may lotta rakhaa hai.

Jub hosh aaya to ek doosrey nay iss waqeya ki tasdeeq ki. For this reason he came to the Prophet of God S. Upon returning she told the event to the holy Prophet, who on hearing it thanked God for bibbi blessings bestowed on his ahl-bayt. After a long while they reached a forest, and unpacked their gear. Itney mey wazir paani ki bbi may gia aur donno larkiyoon ko daikh ker bahut hairaan hoowa. Salaam Alikum to all, I am just wondering where to find this Kahani in English and Gujrati my book is all torn apart if anyone could help me out I would highly appreciate it Is waqt mein tum ko qaid kerta hun datima subha ko qatal kara dun ga.

Aap nein fermaaya key iss amr ki maalik khud Janaab Saiyada S.

Mojza BIBI FATIMA – General Discussion – IslamiMehfil

Haalat behooshi may daikha kay wohee Pak Naqaab posh Mauzamma jo pahaarr per nazar aaee thein phir tashreef laaeen aur fermaney lagin kay aiy larkiyoon tum nay mannat manni thi kay jub tum apne waldain se milogee to Janab Saiyada A.

Many things were tried to reawaken her, but to no avail. The whole family was thankful to Allah and there were no complaints against anyone.


It is I who should learn vibi her. Iske baad aap nain dau rakaat namaaz purhkar dua farmaee aur kaha kay aey merey Mabood mein bint-e-Rasool A.

The Story of Hazrat Fatima (sa), daughter of the Holy Prophet

This was about 90 days after the death of her Holy father. She was devoted to her father, looked after him when he was in distress by the hands of the non-believers of Makka, she was the exemplary wife, queen of her household yet fair to her maid servant Fizza to divide household chores between herself and the maid servant, she was a devout wife and the most loving mother to her children. Eik aurat apkee kaneezi mein dee.

Her mother Khadija had two other daughters from her two earlier marriages. They said they do bbi eat without their mother and she had to tell the children of the death of their mother.

Edited February 4, by Jibran Haider. Already have an account? Then the news spread that the son of the widow had fallen in the furnace of the blacksmith and had burned and died.

Hazrat Fatima sa was born five years before Bethat when Muhammad S was about 35 years old and her mother Khadija was about 50 years old. The girls and the king’s entourage returned to this king’s kingdom. Us ney apney wazir say kahaa kay saamaan-e-sheekar taiyaar karo. A proper translation would be bibj this is all dutch to me.

Posted December 4, The first king upon hearing this news, immediately asked for the return of the two girls. When I entered the Baqii the sight which I saw was as if it were a town which had been raised to the ground.

The first king pondered over the matter and eventually agreed. Janab e Fatima replied that all her clothes were old and had rips and patches all over them, while the women kojza the wedding will be dressed well in new and expensive clothing.


Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

Also can you read this in english instead of urdu? She would go to the mosque of the Prophet to participate in the prayers with all the ladies, she would go out in the battlefield to tend the wounded. She headed out with her entourage of fairies ftaima her, with some walking behind her, some walking in front of her and some on her left and right side.

Go To Topic Listing. If in the meantime the children come home give them food before telling them about the death of their mother.

Bibi Fatima (as) Ki Kahani – English Transliteration – Urdu / اُردُو‎ –

The second king replied that wouldn’t it be mutually beneficial to have the two girls married to the son of the second king and the son of the second king’s minister. Magar larkiyon ka koee putta na challaa. Can i recite it alone? This Urdu fatimq I won’t call it a translation is perhaps done by the Lucknowi Shia fatina the days gone by.

Aap ijaazat dein to mein sharf paoun ke Janaab Saiyada S. She praised the Holy prophet and his Holy daughter, She then requested to Janab e Sayeeda to teach her the religion of Islam.

Badshah nay dil se iss maujzay per yaqeen kia aur forrun huqum dia kay donno larrkiyyon ko ba izzat aur ahtaram ke saat riha kiya jai aur mahal ponchaaya jai.

Badshah aur wazir nay bahoot dhonda aur mjza phirey magar kaheen bhi larrkion ka patta na mila.