Warman (Between) crafts an entertaining, if sometimes meandering mystery with a swipe of Dumas’s The Corsican Brothers. “BEAUTIFUL LIES is an intense thriller that will captivate readers until the final exciting page! The talented Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman. Alice and Rachel are even closer than most identical twins, having shared a single amniotic sac in utero and a psychic bond ever since.

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This is far more of a character-driven novel, though the plot holds its own for the most part. For example, she smoked pot for awhile.

After reading reviews I expected an okay read. Beautiful Lies is intensely good! View beautifyl 5 comments. Major creep factor going on there. What really got me was how inconsistent the novel was. She never has failed to disappoint me and I trust that she never will.

I had some guesses on beaktiful was going to happen but I was never quite sure with this book. It was great, but average at the same time. I would highly recommend it to someone who enjoys intricately woven plots, and well-crafted characters. Rachel was the one this guy had kidnapped and tortured for daysright?

Beautiful Lies by Jessica Warman

I mean she isn’t even in most of the book, but because of Alice’s portrayal of her, you get to know her intimately. But is there anyone around her she can trust, when everyone could be a suspect? Even that night, as I lay in bed at my grandmother’s house, I stared at the ceiling and mouthed the same phrase, until the rhythm of the words on my breath finally put me to sleep.


I mean throught the whole book i thought that Robin was real but then it turned out he was a ghost or something. Suddenly, everyone becomes a suspect to the remaining twin, and with nowhere to turn and no one to turn to, she sets out to find her sister and even piece together the past as well as herself in ways she could have never imagined.

Although many people seemed to enjoy this, it was not my cup of tea.

Beautiful Lies: Jessica Warman: Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Why didn’t the killer just off the cop so he’d have more time with the twins and to getaway? I can honestly say that I never knew what was going to happen next and I stopped trying to predict it within the first several chapters. From the very first page, I felt Alice was a little annoying, in the way beautiiful she was always hallucinating and there was no real explanation as to why she was doing something like that.

I read each of her other novels in one day, this one took two. In all, Beautiful Lies is the perfect end of summer read, especially on a dark, rainy day. This seems to work to their advantage and all seems to be going along just fine in that part of their world until one of the twins ends up missing.

Something would happen therefore putting me on edge and wondering what was really going on. The clues add up and are figured out so slowly, and then it seems like the book enters a headlong rush just to get warrman the end.


Talk about your total shockers!! She suffered from a mental illness that resulted in her having hallucinations and messing up her reality. There is a bit of alcohol in this book but nothing out of hand.

This isn’t an easy story to get through by any means but it is so worth it. Particularly in her decision to keep quiet about her sister when she first went missing. If one gets scratched, the other twin will get an identical ny mark just because she is the twin and it will appear out of nowhere. What would it be like if you felt everything your twin felt? When Rachel pulls out one of her teeth, Alice feels nothing and loses no tooth.

Then again, the story was just so fast-paced and brimming with mystery that I can’t really blame Warman for not developing her other characters more. Very dramatic and filled with emotion. I stared at my sister, who was still unconscious, and it occurred to me that she wouldn’t remember any of this once she woke up. For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Jessjca. Later in the book we know that her sense of smell is a good indicator of right and wrong.

Sep 14, Dorine White rated it it was amazing.