Un ensemble des resources pédagogiques (cours, exercices, TD, TP, contrôles ), à votre disposition SIGMA Work Team. UNIVERSITE HASSAN II DE CASABLANCA. FACULTE DES SCIENCES. AIN CHOCK. ANNEE UNIVERSITAIRE: / SEMESTRE: S1. FILIERE: SMIA . Journal of Industrial Ecology, Wiley, , Issue Supplement s1, p. globale des infrastructures autoroutières – Contribution à l’analyse du cycle de vie. .. with Innovation Fair, Sustainable management in action, SMIA 05, Sep , Genève .

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For the usual forward bifurcation eg. Isabelle Blanc, Eric Labouze. We know of no other epidemic modelling study reporting this feature. Web tool for energy policy decision-making through geo-localized LCA models: Environmental assessment of electricity scenarios with Life Cycle Assessment.

More recent research supports the notion that individuals experience multiple infections throughout the course of their life as a result analjse reinfection, especially in high-incidence TB areas [ 19 — 21 ], all conditions which could promote the existence of backward bifurcations. Modeling the impact of immigration on amia epidemiology of tuberculosis.

Global Tuberculosis Report As seen in Fig 6this is the signature of a backward bifurcation. Is local produced bioethanol more sustainable than bioethanol imported from Brazil?.

Supporting information S1 Appendix Computation of basic reproduction number. The increased number of reinfection pathways needed with two compartments would add a considerable degree of amia complexity, and become very difficult to analyse. Published online Mar This leads to an unusual phenomenon of forward bifurcation with hysteresis, which can be triggered in our TB model when reinfection is taken into account.


Reports 1 document Isabelle Blanc, Damien Friot. Science of the Total EnvironmentElsevier, pp. Towards a new index for environmental sustainability based on a DALY weighting approach.

Isabelle BLANC Professeur at MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University

Backward bifurcation, equilibrium and stability phenomena in a three-stage extended BRSV epidemic model. Fig 2 provides a typical bifurcation diagram that shows the key features of a backward bifurcation.

In fact even just for the simplified reinfection pathways of the original Feng et al. No reinfection path Ai. However, neither group examined how recurrent TB reinfection pathways could lead to a backward bifurcation.

CV HAL : Isabelle BLANC Professeur at MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University

Risk of progression to active tuberculosis following reinfection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is interesting to compare the critical point smja c for the reinfection threshold given in Eq 13 with that found by Feng et al.

International Building Performance Simulation Association, pp. International Symposium on Mathematical and Compuation Biology ed.

Illustrates backward bifurcation when recurrent TB parameters are included. Amia reinfection with tuberculosis on a European island with a moderate incidence of disease. Table 1 provides a detailed list and description of model parameters as well as typical parameter values used here, as obtained from the literature. An SEIR epidemic model with constant latency time analyze infectious period.


In the literature it has been observed that individuals who previously have had active TB and who were successfully treated are more likely to gain active TB another time [ 13 ].

When there are multiple stable equilibria coexisting simultaneously, the final equilibrium a population will reach is dependent on the initial conditions of its sub-populations. Isabelle Blanc, Bruno Peuportier. Regionalisation of Life Cycle Thinking: She is the author of about publications in cooperation e1 numerous international research institutes.

Computational and mathematical methods in medicine. Until just before the turn of the century the role of exogenous reinfection in the transmission of TB was usually believed to be minimal. Swiss bioethanol supply inWhat are the sustainability stakes of two scenarios for Switzerland?. Hence, we can deduce from expression 12 that R c analyes inversely proportional to the level of exogenous reinfection p.