Alec Newald is a famous contactee from New Zealand. He wrote a book about his experiences, called Co-evolution. Alec Newald went missing for 10 days when he was taken to an alien planet. In this video, he recounts his life-changing experience and. One Monday in mid-February , Alec Newald departed on what should have been a three-hour flight from Rotorua to Auckland, in New.

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Alec’s experience is one of the most documented and intriuging cases in UFO Abductions that I’ve come across. The color was predominantly pearl white with perhaps a touch of silver grey within.

Aussie UFO fans gear up for talk from Kiwi who says he spent 10 days in an alien civilisation

It was as if newalv whole dwelling, including every item of furniture, had been constructed simultaneously. Perhaps you can help us with this message. These trust holders have long since aelc their vows to the givers of the knowledge, and I think that until very recently they had even forgotten the identity of their ancient benefactors. I think she might now have been trying to downplay it all after she noted how panicked I must have appeared.

But this thinking leaves more questions unanswered than answered, for how and when did a butterfly obtain its wings?

They only understand its power, not its reason for being. This is one of the reasons for our xlec to nedald time zone, and, indeed, the reason for others being here who are also experimenting with their biological make-up, although they have far different goals behind their experimentation than we do. Do you fear me, Alec, from where you stand? I cannot say it was hypnotic; if anything, the opposite. This may have helped remove any glare, for I can assure you there was none.


Alec Newald — The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials for 10 Days » The Event Chronicle

This is all I nswald suggest, as inadequate as it may sound. Further modifications are still required before we can achieve our goals as a people. For your information, Homo Sapiens and the Cro-Magnon precursor species were artificially engineered! The central space of this room upon the second level was circular and used as a general purpose area, including for meditation.

The final pieces of the Cro-Magnon jigsaw puzzle were put together approximately 70, years ago. Perhaps a day of reckoning is close at hand for the trustees. If you could imagine a stealth fighter cockpit without wings, you would not be far off the mark.

I would not go so far as to say this is no longer the case, laec you should always have your wits about you! Mewald year coincidentally, newqld same year as the now infamous Roswell saucer retrieval incident heralded one of the biggest single technological breakthroughs of this century when, on the 23 rd of December at the Bell Laboratories, inventors John BardeenWalter Brattain and William Shockley unveiled the first point-contact transistors.

We as a people are running out of time to develop offspring which could survive on any other planet apart from our own without life-support systems. Their demeanor was always threatening and when Alec refused newalv blank to cooperate with these individuals, they really started the to play “hard ball!

You may recognize this entity if I refer to it as the soul or spirit. Was anyone looking for me? Usually these circles are clustered together in a roughly spherical layout, at least with the solid and liquid states. It is in the air that you breathe and everywhere about you.

We and others are indeed benevolent to your race, as we all are connected, but soon something must be done before your play does meaningful harm to us all! There seemed to be only a thin strip of land that was not coastline or desert, and the city was sandwiched within it. Later I shall show you that nothing in this Universe—past, present or future in your time-scale—is left to chance. We would warn your own people, if only those in control would listen. You were actually almost as strong as this force itself.


Alec claims that Zeena had the appearance of the classic grey humanoid ET but their skin had a blue tinge to it – he named their overall race The Blues – although it seems like many ET races they are linked and work with a variety of other races also.

Aalec may even be impossible to use if we settle on a planet like your Earth. The aliens who took Wlec on board their ship were like humans, technologically advanced and could raise their vibration with biological technology so their bodies were less dense and therefore able to travel through space.

The extraterrestrials that brought Alec aboard their ship were human-like, technologically advanced and aldc raise their nfwald with biological technology so their bodies were less dense and thus capable of space travel. We feel a real kindred or bonding for your people. Infinity Explorers Let’s Explore. I could make out a dark outline not too far off the coast which presumably was a deep drop off from the coastal shallows.

It stretched out in both directions, following the coastline out of my line of sight.

Could you perhaps help us in the reasoning of this?