Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. Kimiya-yi Sa’ādat was a book written by Abū Ḥāmid Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad al-Ghazālī, a Persian theologian, philosopher, and prolific Sunni Muslim. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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All genius, except for the way he described women. But in reference to the hand, you know nothing about its blood, its bones, the number of its nerves and veins, and the uses of each one: The first method is most deep and profound.

He who possesses gardens and fields, houses, lands, and money, servants and horses, will be subject to regret and affliction at oof, in proportion to their amount. O seeker of the mysteries!

Still, alcehmy the heart belongs to the invisible world, so long as it is absorbed in the contemplation of the sensible world, it is shut out and restrained from contemplating the invisible and spiritual world. An engaging and heart-felt book, very profound, a book to rediscover yourself in the journey of finding the happiness as the author claims: Sorcery with the eyes, is of this kind of power.

Many distinguished men have attained these revelations by experience and the demonstration of reasoning. If the eye had been attached to the top of the head, or the ear to the nape of the neck, or the mouth to the back of the body, or if three fingers had been given instead of four, it is plain to a person of intelligence that the existing advantages would not have been secured, and the present beauty of form and appearance would have been imperfect. These circumstances can never be understood in this sense, either by medicine, or by nature, or by the stars.

That cause which throws the constitution out of balance and occasions the complete absence of the exhalation, is called the Angel of death, who is also a creature of God.


If a fly or mosquito molest him, he cannot get rid of it. As the prophet of God says: When the empyrean in like manner, ruled over all things by happinness will of God, they reasoned that man was wlchemy in the empyrean. In the future world they will certainly suffer pain and retribution.

For, although in sleep the senses are blunted, the imaginative faculty is not, but preserves the forms reflected upon the mirror of the heart.

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Retrieved from ” https: It is possible even to change these qualities, by doing only what reason requires, and by respecting the restrictions of the law. One of its most enigmatic passages: For they embrace the whole kingdom of the universe with its deputies and servants, and possess the knowledge of the end for which everything was created: The sixth class who indulge in error, are those who, exalted with pride, think that they have already attained and are perfect: His principal work, The Destruction of the Philosophers, called forth in reply one of the two most important works of Averroes entitled The Destruction of the Destruction.


His words are so true, they just find an opening in your heart, slowly start making way inside. Think not, that they are lazy or sleeping.

In advance of the Transactions of the Albany Institute, vol. There is spirit, beloved, which is called animal spirit, which is susceptible of division. Others, not satisfied with gazing around, loaded themselves with stones that had the appearance of being precious, and after a time returned to the ship. To whomsoever this revelation has been vouchsafed, if it directs him to reform the world, to invite the nations to turn to God, and to a peculiar way of life, that person is called a prophet, and his way of ghazall is called a law; and that influence which proceeds from him, which transcends what is ordinary, is called a miracle.

The Alchemy of Happiness by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

If you look at the firmness and resolution of man, what is more contemptible than he is! In man’s own body, which is peculiarly his own world, its control and influence are very evident.

From the moment, O beloved! And those who say that the spirit is matter are in error, for matter is that which can be divided, and spirit is not susceptible of division. If for example, a man of a malicious disposition look upon some little thing with envy, and if while he is looking, the destruction of the object should come into his mind, an influence upon it may be observed immediately, and directly or after a while that object will be destroyed: Perhaps, as in the case of alchemy, it only exists now in name and form.

And although apparently they have no evil intentions, yet because they do not properly respect the holy law, but practice their devotions in a lax way, their course leads them to corrupt doctrines and errors.

The Alchemy of Happiness Index

It was short 8 chapters long and helpful for my paper as it’s content complimented another of Al-Ghazali’s writings, The Remembrance of Death and the Afterlife.

No person is able to work at all kinds of trades, but by the will of God, upon one is devolved one art and upon another two, and the whole community is made happinss, one member upon the other. Otherwise, this book would have received 5 stars from me. The elements of its four humors, blood, phlegm, bile and black bile, are fire, air, water and earth.


But despite of his limitations, to take his wisdom seriously and to See his analogies with the transmuted Eye of The Heart, is to be close to the goal- submission to and peace in, The Real.

Although it throws no light on any questions of geography, philology or political history, objects alcehmy frequently in view in translations from the Oriental languages, yet a book which exhibits with such plainness the opinions of so large a portion of the human race as the Mohammedans, on happiness of philosophy, practical morality and religion, will always be as interesting to the general reader and to a numerous class of students, as the facts that may be elicited to complete a series of kings in bby dynasty or to establish the site of an ancient city can be to the historian or the geographer.

Al-Ghazali breaks down his alchmey in four parts: Know, then, O seeker, that the animal spirit belongs to the inferior world. The pilgrim is obliged to give food and happinrss to his camel, and to treat it with attention, that he may reach the end of his journey in safety, and by its means’be successful in the Edition: To love God, you must know Him, know your Self, and know the world; then elevate these knows to realizing the ultimate love.

These miserable and weak men, since they have no acquaintance with science, and no education, and knowledge of external things, why should they indulge in such corrupt fancies, and unfounded language? The spleen attracts iamm black bile and changes it into itself. If you are endowed chiefly with the qualities of devils, which consist in evil machinations, deceit and delusion, then you should know and be aware of it, that you may turn towards the path of perfection.

The fourth class of men who indulge in error, are those who indeed receive the law, but in some peculiar and erroneous sense. Know, that this world is one stage of our life for eternity. The Alchemy of Happiness. It has been printed also in Persian at Calcutta.

Upon the Liver may be seen something black and frothy which is called allchemy bile.